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Septic Man
Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Studio: Anchor Bay Canada

Reviewed by: Jonny Botsch

If a movie is “shitty,” it's bad. If it's “the shit,” then it's really good. Septic Man is a movie that revolves around shit and it falls somwhere in between. While it's successful in tone and mood (being dark, disturbing and pretty gross), its bizarre and convoluted plot makes it difficult to enjoy. Rather than rooting for our hero as he tries to find a way out of the disease ridden sewers he's trapped in, we’re left wodering what the timeline is, where the film is going, and where the dead baby covered in feces came from.

The movie follows a sewer specialist who is paid to investigate and fix the suspected pipe problems infecting a small town and making everyone sick. He is quickly trapped in the sewers and held prisoner by some Texas Chainsaw rejects. He gets sicker and sicker. Humour might have helped make this eccentric movie a little more paletable since you wouldn't be forced to take it as seriously as it wants you to. Still, it's not all bad. The make-up effects are pretty impressive and disgusting, which is helped by the lighting which gives the movie a dark, saturated look that’s quirky enough to stand out from the rest of the Hollywood drivel.

The best part of this movie is Julian Richings’ (Man of Steel) performance. Richings is a character actor with a most distinct face has been spotted in cameos in films for twenty years and yet he's rarely given more than a few lines of dialogue. He is given a rare chance to shine in this gleaming turd of a horror movie…and at the very least that put a shit-eating grin on this reviewer’s face.

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