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The Infinite Man
Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Studio: Bonsai Films

Directed by: Hugh Sullivan

Reviewed by: Jordan C

Time travel is so hot right now (imagine a teenage girl saying it). With big budget movies like Edge Of Tomorrow and X-Men: Days Of Future Past dominating the box office, is there room for a small Aussie indie feature about manipulating time and space? Well, of course there is! “Aussie” and “indie” are already a good combo, but throw in “sci-fi” and I’m front row, center.

This quirky, dark comedy illustrates how before we can happily be with someone else, we need to get our own shit straight first. Many people get hung up on a great moment in a relationship and are always trying to recapture it. Well, when you have a time machine, you really can go back to any given moment…problem is, your past self is still there too.

There are only three actors in The Infinite Man but each plays at least two versions of their character. There is Dean (played by Josh McConville), our lead; Lana (played by Hannah Marshall), his girlfriend; and Terry (played by Alex Dimitriades), her ex. Dean’s insecurities are magnified as he makes more trips back in time, and McConville does a bang up job of conveying his anguish and torment. Hannah somehow makes us believe a sane woman might go along with any of Dean’s convoluted craziness, and that is certainly saying something about her acting. If you’ve ever been to Australia, you probably encountered someone like Dimitriades’ Terry; confident, boisterous, and a complete tool. The interaction between these three, especially between different versions of themselves, is hilarious.

We can be our own worst enemy when it comes to loving someone else. And if this movie is to be believed, a time-machine would not fix anything. Kudos to writer/director Hugh Sullivan on finding some great humour in time-travel.

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