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The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water
Friday, February 6, 2015

Studio: Paramount Pictures

Reviewed by: Tony Velocity

When SpongeBob SquarePants first came out I was already too old to really get into it… that and I didn't do nearly enough drugs either.  So, I was fully expecting to have an hour and a half of obnoxious laughter and references to things I was way too out-of-the-loop to get.    
About ten minutes into the movie, I was already laughing out loud. This movie hits you with two types of humour. The over-the-top silly shit for the kids, but then there’s the subtle jokes, the ones that aren't for the young’ns... and thankfully there's a lot of them. The older crowd (the parent who begrudgingly agreed to sit in with the kids) will definitely leave with a smile on their face. 

The trailer I saw was quite misleading. I expected the superhero Out of the Water plot to be the main focus, but that was just the last quarter. It played out like just a really long episode of SpongeBob. There’s an apocalypse which happens due to the secret recipe of the Kraft Patty getting stolen, then whacky time-travel ensues to stop the apocalypse from occurring. Sprinkled throughout this we get references to Mad Max, The Shining, Marvel's The Watcher, and at one point SpongeBob says, "I've never carried a head before, it's still warm!" They even breakdown into an Epic Rap Battle of History… one that isn't cringe worthy.

I had a fun time watching this “kids” flick. In fact, I’m probably going to go see it again with a few of my friends who are actual SpongeBob fans!

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