Hot Tub Time Machine 2
theatrical movie review

Date Stamp: February 20, 2015

Studio: Paramount Pictures

Reviewed by: Ara Andonian

Sometimes the best ideas in Hollywood are the most outlandishly ridiculous ones. There are those movies made just for the hell of it on a hope and a prayer budget to see what happens. Once in lunar moon a movie like this hits pay dirt… but usually the results are either catastrophically bad or marginally good. When Hot Tub Time Machine hit theatres a few years back moviegoers knew exactly what type of evening they were in for as they waited to eat up the laughs. The premise was very much like that one scene in Back To The Future where Biff goes back in time with almanac in hand to bet on the future and win life.

Well, four and a half years and 50 million dollars later, it was time to make a sequel. Hot Tub Time Machine 2 picks up where the first instalment left off with the main offenders Nick (Craig Robinson), Lou (Rob Corddry) and his son Jacob (Clark Duke) flashing forward in an attempt to alter time and life in the present. Lou has been shot at a party and the only way to find the culprit and reverse what happened is to get wet all over again. The plot explanation by the characters themselves on screen is purposely confusing and means very little in the grand scheme of hilarity that unfolds. Adam Scott (Ben on Parks and Recreation) is an excellent addition to the cast. He's pretty much this generation’s Steve Carell. Scott plays Adam Jr., Adam’s (John Cusack) super straight-edge future son who can do no wrong until he steps into a nightclub with the boys and all hell breaks loose.

I got to attend the premiere in LA and at the press junket the boys explained how their down time was a key opportunity to work on their music skills. “While we were shooting the movie we started a band,” says Adam Scott. “We're calling ourselves Michael Jackson… we’re having a lot of legal issues. We can't get off the ground,” Corddry chimes in. And Duke caps it off with, “I left the band already. I can't legally talk about it.” 

Rob also talked about how he was pitched the idea for the movie the first time around. “The first page of the first movie said Hot Tub Time Machine... based on the incredibly true story. So, I just agreed to do it right then and there. I gotta do it. I don't need to read anymore.”

Outside of sci-fi classics like Star Wars, Alien, and Terminator, most second movies of a franchise bomb badly. That's not the case with Hot Tub Time Machine 2. With a few key cameos and some of the most cringe worthy gross-out scenes in comedic history, this sequel bodes well for the genre.

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