Blu-ray review

Date Stamp: March 20, 2015

Studio: Anchor Bay

Reviewed by: Jonny Botsch

The recipe for Muck is a tried and true formula for the slasher genre: equal parts sex and gore… although this meal is missing a key ingredient. Right from the opening credits we are given generous amounts of screen time devoted to nudity and are dropped right into the middle of the action.

A group of horny and drunk tweens are on the run from their fill-in-the-blank killers. A good start even if formulaic. In this case the back woods hillbillies are hairless albinos led by the king of slasher killers Kane Hodder. Sadly, this is no Hatchet and Hodder is under utilized. The girls in the cast are not. Although each can turn in a passable performance, their time is mostly spent stripping down, getting sprayed with blood, sprayed with a sprinkler in their bra and panties, or checking themselves out in the mirror instead of fearing for their lives. This may have something to do with director Wolsh's connection to the Model Mayhem website or his time spent as an erotic photographer. Either way the movie looks impressive for its reported $200,000 budget and boasts a couple notable names in the cast aside from Hodder. Lachlan Buchanan from Pretty Little Liars and Playboy Playmate Jaclyn Swedberg co-star as completely interchangable characters.

So, with hot girls and respectable violence, what is the missing ingrediant? How about a plot? There is no story here to bother with and no backstory for the monsters of the piece. Sure albino rapists have the potential to be cool villains in a horror movie but there just isn't enough here to grip an audience. Perhaps in next year's prequel, Muck: Feast of Saint Patrick, we'll get that pesky plot thing. If the sequel can expound on the origin or the legend of these one-dimensional villains, writer/director Wolsh could have a delicious franchise on his hands.

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