iZombie: Season 1 - Episode 1-3
TV series review

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Date Stamp: April 21, 2015

Channel: CW

Reviewed by: Jonny Botsch

In a sea of superhero and comic book TV shows, iZombie could easily get lost. What is it? What is it based on? Why should you care? It's not as though Vertigo's twenty-eight issue run is prolific or steeped in history. This might find love in cult circles being that it’s drawn by Madman creator Mike Allred, but the mainstream comic readers would have rolled right past this niche book.

The show takes a few liberties with the source material and gives us a story about a girl who becomes a zombie and works in a morgue in order to get a fresh supply of brains without needing to kill. Her co-worker is the only one who knows she is anything more than an albino goth girl. She has broken off her engagement and become estranged from her family to protect them from her new secret lifestyle while she tries to figure things out. As she consumes the brains she also gets flashes of memories from those people's lives and begins to help solve murders with a detective under the guise of being a psychic.

This series feels like Veronica Mars, if Mars were a zombie, which makes so much sense when you find out that both shows have the same show runner. In the recent wave of tentpole shows like Daredevil and Agent Carter, iZombie isn't a shining beacon of high concepts or big budget. In fact, it feels similar to a modern Buffy the Vampire Slayer with less high school hijinx.

Probably one of the reasons it will find an agreeable audience is that it is so far off the beaten path of comic book adaptations, most people don't know it exists and even fewer are attached to the source material in a way that would make them critical of how their favourite series has been adapted.

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