Mad Max: Fury Road
theatrical review

Date Stamp: May 15, 2015

Studio: Warner Bros.

Reviewed by: Ed Coke

When you’ve waited a long time for something good to come around and it finally arrives, the anticipation has usually built it up too much. However, in the case of the new action-packed, nitro-fuelled thrill ride that is Mad Max: Fury Road, all bets are off, and justice never tasted sweeter. If you ever doubted for a post-apocalyptic second that the new instalment in the 35+ year old franchise would do the original series justice, rest assured as it’s helmed by Aussie filmmaker George Miller who has produced, written and directed all of the movies in the Mad Max library. In case you’re too young to remember, the original Mad Max was a late ’70s cult classic that launched the career of Mel Gibson and turned a budget under half a million into nine figures at the box office.

This latest Max film, Fury Road, was actually co-written by Brendan McCarthy, who is a creative juggernaut in his own right, with credits including extensive comic book work and designing for the original Ninja Turtles and Highlander movies...nuff said. Originally, Mel Gibson was to reprise his role as Mad Max, but it took so long to develop that they eventually went with Tom Hardy (The Dark Knight Rises), who does a impressive job. Charlize Theron co-stars as a driver for the dictator who runs the radioactive dystopian desert future and is cast perfectly in the gritty and hard-nosed role. Legendary Academy Award-winning cinematographer John Seale came on board and the visuals are mind-blowing from beginning to end. Not only the over-the-top amazing action sequences and explosions but also the environments, and wild and wacky characters. Junkie XL, who’s also working on the new Batman v. Superman movie, delivers a top shelf, exhilarating audio backdrop and the fun never stops with this flick.

I don’t want to over hype it, but the 3D is used effectively and I really couldn’t find any flaws. I’ll be seeing it again in the theatre, I enjoyed it so much.

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