Terminator Genisys
theatrical movie review

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Date Stamp: July 1, 2015

Studio: Paramount Pictures

Reviewed by: Tony Velocity

After the last few instalments of the Terminator franchise, this series felt like it was running on borrowed time. Terminator and Judgement Day were two of the most influential movies of the ‘80s and ‘90s, with cutting edge special effects and a story that comes down to the most basic thing - survival. Much like Alien and Aliens. Both series started off with the blend of sci-fi and horror, followed up by pure action. And both met a similar end, with lots of fans not very happy with the third instalments onward. There was just something about those movies that couldn't be replicated.

Sorry Alien fans, you've still got to wait. Luckily for the Terminator crowd, this movie stays pretty close to the roots of the first two, and cuts out a lot of what was added after. This is the telling of an alternative timeline where Kyle Reece gets sent back to save Sarah Connor but she in fact ends up being totally prepared and awaiting his arrival. Arnie reprises his role as a model T-800 again. But this one is more like in Terminator 2, dubbed the Guardian, or "Pops" by Sarah. Since the Judgment Day we've grown more accustomed to seeing Arnold play the heroic robot over the cold assassin from the first film. But there are plenty of cold steel Terminator models on display here. The mercurial T-1000 returns, as well as a huge, bad-ass quadruped tank unit. Plus, there's a newer model which I personally thought looked amazing and fit right in…much better than the Termanatrix.

The movie has its faults. Almost every time time-travel is involved things get a little muddy and a lot of questions go unanswered. However, it sounds like those will be answered in the inevitable sequels. Sarah Connor was very much indistinguishable from Game of Thrones' Danaeris Targaryen at first but she did a great job of becoming Sarah Connor. I have to say, it was nice to see Matt Smith in a franchise that has nothing to do with time-travel (ha).

All in all, I had a blast watching Terminator Genisys. The director clearly had the best intentions for the franchise, keeping with the feel and pace of the original movies. There's hope for this series after all.

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