Wild Tales (Relatos Salvajes)
DVD review

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Date Stamp: August 2, 2015

Studio: Sony Picture Classics


Reviewed by: Ed Coke


Over the past five years or so, I’ve begun to notice that when it comes to picking what movie to watch at home on any given lazy morning, ‘noon, or night, the decision-making process has become much easier. Not that I’m complaining, but generally what’s widely available is...how shall I put it without being too offensive...predictably mundane? What pays the bills makes the cut of course, but once in a blue moon, when your’s truly is gifted a diamond in the cinematic rough, it’s like a breath of fresh air for the soul (something most major studios sadly have given up on).


Wild Tales, a newly released Spanish film, is a prime example of how vastly unique and exhilarating pictures made outside of the storytelling industrial complex can be. Telling six separate stories, unrelated, but all concerning vicious forms of revenge, this award-winning and Oscar nominated movie, expertly crafted and directed by Argentine screenwriter Damián Szifron, not only entertains but also enthrals. I hate to admit it but usually at some point while watching a flick in the comfort of home, more often than not, I’m easily distracted by a nearby cellphone or laptop. However, with Wild Tales there’s no backing away. From chance encounter payback plots and road rage gone wrong, to bureaucracy induced meltdowns and the ultimate aerial set-up, each of the chapters sublimely displayed could have stood on their own in overblown, big budget cash grabs. But alas, there’s still some justice in the world, and movies worth watching (though you may have to read subtitles).

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