Bark Ranger
DVD review

Date Stamp: July 20, 2015

Studio: Anchor Bay

Reviewed by: Jonny Botsch

Is this a good movie? Nope, not really. But let's be fair about it though. Was this movie made for you? Unless you're under the age of ten or have kids, there is not much chance of this movie being on your radar. This is a daytime cable movie about two kids and their dog on a search for treasure in a national park while trying to avoid two silly bank robbers who are also after gold. The level of intelligence of this movie is best exemplified in its title, Bark Ranger. Obviously it's a play on words. One of the kid’s dads is a Park Ranger. The dog is also named Ranger. So Bark, Ranger. Not even when John Lovitz is delivering his cheesy one-liners could I force a laugh. Oh yeah, Lovitz is the voice of the dog. Did I not mention that? Well, sadly the only thing about this movie that attracted me to it also fell flat. But again, let's keep things in perspective. I am not a kid and this movie was not meant for me. If you are a parent and want to give your seven year-old a completely safe and family oriented movie to get the little monster out of you hair for a cool hour and a half then sit them down and let them watch Toy Story or Goonies, or Spy Kids... but if they've already worn those movies out and you're strapped for options, nothing in this movie will offend anyone.

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