Underdog Kids
DVD review

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Date Stamp: July 8, 2015

Studio: Anchor Bay

Reviewed by: Jonny Botsch

Phillip Rhee is cool. He was the best of the best in a series of nineties action movies called the Best of the Best. He's like America's answer to Bruce Lee. He is a real martial artist who returns to movie-making with this blatant and uninspired rip-off of the Karate Kid. How bad is it? I would rather watch Will Smith's kid's remake of Karate Kid than this thing and that is pretty sad. Why does it suck? Well, Rhee is the writer/director and cobbles together his generic script from several nineties kids films but it lacks genuine laughs, a believable plot, and any character development. It's completely paint by numbers and disappointing, but I don't really want to bag on Rhee's first movie in fifteen years. Instead, I will offer some career advice. First, you can direct but you need a real writer to help flesh out your ideas and give them a voice that people can engage with. Second, dude you can kick ass for real, so do so some Death Wish type stuff. Team up with Michael Jai White in a Blood & Bone type movie with a small budget and don't try to be all things to all people. Focus on a niche crowd of action movie junkies and give us a kick-ass movie with a simple classic revenge or retribution story.

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