Wyrmwood: The Road of the Dead
DVD review

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Date Stamp: October 1, 2015

Studio: Anchor Bay

Reviewed by: Jonny Botsch

Wyrmwood isn't going to change the game, but if you're looking for a cool little indie zombie flick, or another title to add to your oz-ploitation collection, then you might be pleasantly surprised. The world doesn't really need another zombie movie unless it can give us something fun or fresh. This Australian-made gem has some cool visuals, a few neat twists on the usual undead tropes, and is just exotic enough to stand apart from the pack. Wyrmwood is low budget (160,000 bucks) and took the brother writer/director duo over four years to complete, but it still flies high above the likes of an Asylum movie or a Sharknado. Wyrmwood isn't content to just exist as some lame duck b-movie. It has heart. It has a visual style. It has a couple genuine laughs. It has a gas-powered harpoon-gun to hunt zombies with. It has a few exploding heads. It has a scary mad scientist in a contamination suit with a big-ass syringe dancing to pop tunes.

Filmed over years of weekends in their backyard and mom's garage, the Roache-Turner brothers partially funded this film through personal finances and Indiegogo to tremendous results. The two lead roles are played by the Australian Ryan Reynolds, Jay Gallagher and Bianca Bradey, an actress who could give Milla Jovovich a run for her money. It's not perfect but it is certainly deserving of more attention than it is likely to get in the current cinematic climate (as I'm sure Max Landis would attest to) and it would be a real shame if there wasn't a sequel. It reeks of the the first chapter talent of films like Evil Dead, Mad Max, El Mariachi or Phantasm which all really came into their own in their sequels. Wyrmwood has set up the myth of it's legendary heroes and now I want the next chapter.

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