theatrical movie review

Date Stamp: November 25, 2015

Studio: Warner Bros.

Reviewed by: Ara Andonian

I saw the premiere of Creed the other night and if there is one movie to see in the weeks leading up to the new Star Wars epic, this is it. Sylvester Stallone was outstanding reprising his role as the legendary Rocky Balboa who begrudgingly comes out of retirement (again) to help train the son of one of the greatest fighters who ever lived, Apollo Creed. Michael B. Jordan will probably get Golden Globe and Oscar buzz for his role as the hard-headed Adonis Creed, who, while struggling to find his own identity, births a legacy. Stallone and Jordan play off each other as teacher and student with complete ease. Their energy comes off raw, real and intense. This film carefully intertwines the story of the arrogant yet promising up and comer with that of the humble giant of the game who's dealing with past and present turmoil. The humour was carefully dosed, while the true grit and attitude of Philly was on display in more ways than one. Producers pulled no punches with camera angles in the fight scenes, adding another incredible dimension of depth rarely seen before in a film of this nature. The filmmakers perfectly portray the hopes and dreams of those with the desire and passion to succeed in life, recapturing the magic of the original movies.

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