The Big Short
theatrical movie review

Date Stamp: December 18, 2015

Studio: Paramount Pictures

Reviewed by: Ara Andonian

Some are born to play inside the lines. Others look for ways to redraw history. Wednesday night I checked out the advance screening of The Big Short and everything you've heard is true. It's incredible. Staying true to form with little deviation from real life events, it's the story of the 2008 market crash and housing crisis told from the perspective of the select few brave/greedy enough to gamble "against the house" in hopes of becoming richer than their wildest dreams.

It's America. Anything is possible right? Christian Bale is outstanding as radically eccentric number-cruncher Michael Burry whose fortune-telling formulas would make Einstein giddy in the grave. He plays opposite Steve Carell as neurotic money manager Mark Baum who's two seconds away from an aneurysm through most of the film. That sort of thing can happen when you bet against the hand that feeds you. Did I mention Brad Pitt and Ryan Gosling are in this movie too?

The insatiable appetite of Wall Street is on full display in this shockingly accurate account of one of the biggest disasters in financial history. What may make you sick to your stomach (or bring a smile to your face depending on how you live your life) is the fact that this actually happened and some of these very same people are still doing the very same things. Worried some of the deep language and "numbers mumbo jumbo" might go over your head? Fear not friends. Director Adam McKay (Anchorman) sprinkles in the perfect dose of humour via celebrity cameos to wittingly break it down for you like coach and playbook.

Hungry for something with a little more meat this holiday season? This cinematic feast offers up a cornucopia of carnivorous capitalism with carnage for dessert.

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