The Last Man on Earth: The Complete First Season
DVD review

Date Stamp: September 28, 2015

Studio: 20th Century Fox

Reviewed by: Ed Coke

As each day passes and the number of people who don’t have a cable TV subscription increases, both studio executives and producers must be getting to a point where they no longer believe they can win back viewers from the digital streaming services. It’s more likely that keeping the customers they still have is becoming the only thing that matters, and with so much quality exclusive content not available on the major networks, that’s no easy task. Aside from sporting events, talk shows, and the nightly news, there’s not much you can’t get from video-on-demand providers that are increasingly putting out top notch, award-winning original content, and not just streaming movies. 

A glimmer of hope still exists though for those few who manage to put out a program on regular television that gains praise from audiences and critics alike. One such show is The Last Man On Earth, Fox’s offbeat sitcom about a regular guy named Phil Miller, played by the always hilarious SNL alum Will Forte, who is seemingly the sole survivor of a virus that has wiped out mankind. There’s really not much that can be said of the storyline without giving away a ton of funny surprises. If you are like me and missed it, you can now binge watch the whole first season as it has recently been released on DVD (yes, that’s also still a thing). It’s an appealing and intriguing show not only because of the hilarious writing and unpredictable twists, because it answers that age old question: what would you do if you were the last person on earth?

The series is already well into it’s second season and I was so impressed after powering through the first, that I have made the effort to tune in and I honestly can’t get enough. It’s a breath of fresh air amongst a vast ocean of recycled reality shows and cop/doctor/fantasy melodramas that plague network television. Offering a comical, unique and, at times even, poignant story, The Last Man On Earth should not to be overlooked.

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