Zoolander 2
theatrical movie review

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Date Stamp: February 12, 2016

Studio: Paramount Pictures

Reviewed by: Ara Andonian

If you're looking for something intelligent, thought provoking, insightful and enlightening, Zoolander 2 is not for you. If you're into gut splitting ridiculous humour and absolute slapstick nonsense that will literally alter your life in the best way possible, take a ride with Derek and Hansel back to their absurd lives you wish you lived. Things have changed substantially since we last left our dynamic duo and as the movie begins it seems as though they've metaphorically awoken from their cryogenically frozen states. They're completely foreign to how the world works now and (without giving anything away) this is best for them and us. Too many amazing cameos to count, too many improbable obstacles to conquer. Silly one-liners and just the right amount of uncomfortable insults and non-PC proclamations make for one helluva good time. Go into this movie expecting nothing and you'll walk away with a smile on your face.

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