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The Jacka and Berner - Drought Season 2
Thursday, November 19, 2009

Label: SMC Recordings

Reviewed by: Katalist

Berner has really improved on the mic since we first heard him. The dude is putting out tons of music and has a fantastic ear for great beats. As for the Jacka, you already know about him. Drought Season 2 has a bunch of bangers produced by Bay Area beast Cozmo, which really give this album a nice overall feel. The rapping is mainly about drugs, trafficking and that gangster life. There's some great appearances from the likes of Messy Marv, Lee Majors, Killa Tay, Cellski, Fed-X and AP9. 17708 is has a ridicolous beat that will have your head nodding. Jacka just destroys the mic, as he has been doing consistently lately. Prey On The Weak has a crazy beat that will have you lookin' for your bag of green to get your smoke on. Killa Tay rips the hook apart on this track. Tay also does the last verse on this song too and is definitely the highlight of this track. Live By It, Die By It has a nice beat as well, as Berner spits with confidence: "You can't afford my weed/ I got them 54's, I dont sell them 43's/ and fuck the radio we do this shit for the streets/ I'm pushing more than trees, more than E, more than keys, I got that music shit poppin' up over seas." Colder Blood is another great track with Fam Syrk sounding like Mike Marshall on the hook. J-Stalin has the best verse on the track as he sounds perfect over this slappin' beat. Not Tha Same has The Jacka spitting his laidback, addictive flow on the hook and features Mob Figaz member Fed-X. Ain't A Game and O's are my least favorite songs on here, as the beats just sound out of place. If you listen to the songs without the rest of the album, they are not bad by any means. Circles is a nice finish to the album as Bay Area boss Cellski jumps in the studio to put down a verse with Berner, The Jacka and Fed-X. The Jacka does the damn thang on this album and while Berner might not be the best rapper in the world, or your favorite rapper, you just can't front on his hustle. I can't wait to hear that Blow album with Messy Marv and Berner out in December.

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