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J. Dilla - Dillanthology Box Set (3 disc)
Thursday, December 3, 2009

Label: Rapster

Reviewed by: Touche Turtle

I always find it difficult to write about legendary artists that have passed away. Mostly because a paragraph of words never really does them justice. If you're a longtime reader of our magazine or website, then you might remember way back in 2004 when we did the Detroit Issue. We had Jay Dee on the cover along with handful of other promising artists from the D. To say the least, it was an infamous issue and one of my favorite Thick covers of all time. Dilla's interview was amazing. Listening to this three disc Dillanthology box set really brings me back to the good ol' days. The first volume is a collection of the classic songs he produced for artists such as The Pharcyde, De La Soul, The Roots, Slum Village, Busta Rhymes and many more. He produced both of The Pharcyde's hits off their second album, Labcabincalifornia. Runnin' and Drop are both over a decade old but still as fresh as the day the album dropped. Dilla just made feel good music. Whether it's Fall In Love by Slum Village or Dynamite by The Roots, you can't help but nod your head. I Believe In You by Amp Fiddler was my joint and I never even knew Dilla produced that joint. The second volume in this anthology is all remixes by J-Dilla. My personal favorite remix on the disc is Why It Gotta Be Like That by The Pharcyde. I've never even heard that remix before! The re-sung chorus is just buttery goodness. The third volume is a variety of songs taken off Jay Dee's various solo and collabo albums. I've been so hooked on the first volume that the second and third really haven't gotten as much rotation. Dilla did so much that I don't know if three discs is enough, but this is definitely a great collection of songs. Although he is dearly missed, he will live forever through his timeless catalog of music.

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