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Krypto & S.B. - Covering Grounds
Thursday, February 11, 2010

Reviewed by: Katalist

West coast rap fans used to get slappin' mob albums all the time it seemed. You could walk into a store and cop the new project from Spice-1, RBL Posse, B-Legit or E-40 and you didn't even have to worry about it being wack. But lately it seems like you really gotta do your research before you cop an album. Covering Grounds brings back that feeling I would get as a youngster while first listening to albums like Spice-1's 187 He Wrote and E-40's In A Major Way. Bangin' production and raps that are on point for the whole CD.

Tell Me What You See starts the album off perfectly with its reggae sample, hard drums and S.B. and Krypto doing a great job on the mic. Light up some of your favorite blueberry, kush or whatever you got and enjoy this headknocker. These emcees sound very confident together, as SB spits: "Growin' up I stayed in fights like the UFC/ the streets is the octagon now who wanna see me/ I shut the block down so fast/ we burn this mothafucka up with propane gas." All I Got On My Mind is a highlight on the album and I've had it on repeat non-stop. You know music is top notch when you get shivers while listening to it. We Mush is my favorite song on here and it's an instant classic. The first time I heard this my head was nodding like crazy. The production is ridiculous and these dudes just tear into the mic. Most of the songs on this album have both Krypto and S.B. rocking together but there are also a few solo tracks. With Someone Else is a track that I wasn't really feeling the first few times I heard it, but it grew on me after awhile. Most of this album is on some mob shit, but this song is a track that females might enjoy as well. Trust Me is a laid back track with the talented, underrated and beautiful Deltrice on the hook. The beat is also tight with some nice kicks and keys. Take Somethin' Down is another of my favorite songs on the album and has a Down South style beat that is hard as fuck. Did I mention this album has a good variety of tracks and that the emcees show a lot of versatility? If you ain't up on S.B. or Krypto, then get on iTunes and cop this ASAP.

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