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Uno + SC - A Strange Revolt
Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The music industry has changed so drastically in the last couple years that the goals and aspirations of today's artists are completely different from a decade ago. Artists that were about singles and hits became all about ring tones and downloads, endorsements replaced physical sales, and show promotion has become more shady than the drug game. Nobody seems to care about a solid project anymore. You know, an album that is cohesive, that sonically and visually represents the artist who made it. Well, that's why you need to pay attention to Uno + SC, an emcee duo that have delivered a complete and banging album entitled A Strange Revolt. This 14 track joint has cuts that deal with fatherhood, obsessive girls, panic attacks, parking lot fights and much more, but no matter the subject, there is a steady vibe throughout. The cover of the CD features an illustration of a circus ringleader (looking like Daniel Day Lewis in Gangs of New York) standing between two naked, kneeling albino chicks with pink afros, and while that may sound pretty wild, it somehow fits the music well. Uno and SC have quite different styles but they form fit over synth-heavy tracks that lean towards the anthemic. Uno has a nasal voice, energetic delivery, and does quite a bit of harmonizing. SC, on the other hand, has a deeper tone and is more mellow in the cut. Songs like Crimson Sky, Anxiety, and Rearview have the kind of hooks that stick in your head and will have you singing along by the second listen. My one complaint is a guest appearance by Hoss Howard on a song called Breathe. I'm not against genre mashing but something about country with Hip-Hop just doesn't sit right with me...even if the beat does have a country twang. For those music fans who still want an album they can experience (hold in their hands, read the liner notes of, listen to from start to finish), Uno + SC are leading A Strange Revolt.

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