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Drake - Thank Me Later
Monday, July 5, 2010

Label: Young Money / Cash Money / MotownUniversal

Reviewed by: Raa Daddy

That backpack must be feeling hella heavy these days. With all the weight on his shoulders and his boss on lockdown, Drake knows it’s go time. Being labeled as nothing less than the second coming of Hip-Hop by fans and peers alike, all eyes are on his debut, Thank Me Later. Amazingly, the disc stays stuck in first gear for most of the album with mucho mellow music...but it up shifts when it needs to. From a Torontonian thousandaire to a Young Money millionaire in under a year is quite the trip and Drake chronicles his meteoric rise on a sick cut titled Over. Singing. Rapping. Harmonizing. Brain-piercing lyricism. Any way you paint it, Drizzy is doing everything right with every brush stroke. Up All Night with Nicki Minaj is pure fire and the self-proclaimed Black Barbie solidifies herself as the best female emcee ever with her effing ridiculous verse. Light Up with Jay-Z is one of the best songs in forever and both emcees keep up with one another, volleying back and forth to deliver an incredible collaboration. Jay kills it with the most emotion I’ve heard from him since The Black Album. The fire keeps burning when Boi1da brings the best heat of the album on Miss Me featuring Lil' Wayne. Every time these two share mic time it’s magic. Even though Thank Me Later is a little emo heavy, the hype is definitely justified and Drake is the complete threat.

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