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Big Sean - Finally Famous
Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Label: G.O.O.D Music / Island Def Jam

Reviewed by: Raa Daddy

Big who? Big Sean. The kid who came outta nowhereville USA and got the co-sign from the biggest in the game like he was owed respect. NO ID producing and Kanye overseeing your project? Can you get a better look? Big Sean has been bubbling off his own swag and steez forever and with lacerating lyrics over a cornicopia of bangin' beats, the boy is making boomboxes bang. Some say he sounds too Kanye. You be the judge after you listen to these twelve prime examples of blood, sweat and tears, also referred to as Finally Famous. A mature Chris Brown ups the ante assisting on My Last and you know radio cannot resist numbers like this. Catchy as fuck and easily repeat worthy equates to a win out the gate. The future is now. Showcasing emotional depth through one's music is rare for a debut artist and usually left for the sophomore release but Big Sean is not your average everyday rapper. Proof positive is Don't Tell Me You Love Me where heartbreak oozes out of every line but doesn't border on annoying emo-hop ala Kid Cudi. Balance is key. NO ID is so damn underrated. The man with no face lusciously laces this half Motor city, half Windy city collabo Wait For Me with Big Sean and Lupe Fiasco trashing timelines and guidelines. Kanye jumps from behind the boards to bomb the booth on Marvin and Chardonnay, which I like a lot but would like more if the hook didn't sound eerily similar in tone to Waka Flaka's No Hands. There are a few weak links midway through including a wannabe club banger called Dance. The only saving grace is the sick re-flipping of an MC Hammer sample (RIP Rick James) in the hook and it actually comes off kinda fly for a perceived throw away track. Get It with Pharrell is another mellow moment but Big Sean's lyricism is eight ball, corner pocket. If you loved him on the latest project from Mr. West, you'll really dig Memories (Part II), where the energy of a star in the making sparks flame with every word spit. Throw in John Legend to tear the hook to shark bait and it's a wrap. Finally Famous has a cool vibe and bumps on a fairly consistent level. Remember Kanye's first album? Big Sean is still growing at 23, and I can only imagine the magic he is capabable of bringing in a few more years with close guidance from his mentors. Famous? Yes. Household name? In due time.

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