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Interview: Ice Cube
Saturday, June 24, 2006

T: In terms of doing movies what were your favourite roles you ever played and who were the realest people in Hollywood?
IC: You know my favourite role has been Dough Boy (Boys'N the Hood), Craig (Friday), and Calvin (Barbershop). Some of the realest people I met in Hollywood is people like John Singleton...usually people who come straight out of L.A. and not from another place. Most people that's doing Hollywood ain't from Hollywood. I usually tend to gravitate towards people that's from L.A.

T: Being back on the road what's been the hot spot so far? What's the city that really reacted with that Cube love?
IC: All the cities been crazy but I think Minniapolis is one of the tighest shows we had because everything came together. We had worked the show out, all the kinks out and the voice was pretty strong by then, sound system and everything just came together to have one of those magical shows where everything works.
T: Talk about some of the songs on the album that you're pushing a message on.
IC: Child Support, Why We Thugs the first single, The Nigga Trap, Laugh Now Cry Later, Growning Up, The Gang Lord, these to me are the songs that really got something to say. Not just your ordinary 'I'm the badest man in the world' rap.

T: I know you just did a Cornerstone Mixtape with DJ Green Lantern doing the mix. Did you get to be in the lab with him for that or was it separate parts?
IC: Unfortunately it was separate parts, you know, he was doing his thing and I'm still in L.A. trying to promote this record and make sure everything is done like I would do it. So, I didn't get a chance to get in there and marinate with him but I wish I would have.

T: I'm sure there's some questions you get asked all the time but people wanna know what's up with a new N.W.A. record?
IC: You know, that thing is what it is. I don't know if it's gonna be too much activity on that tip. He's (Dre) doing his thang, I'm doing mine. It's really up to Dre if he's down, we do it. If not, we don't.

T: I'm sure you've heard about Eazy-E's son and what he's doing. What do you think of him?
IC: You know, I hope he definitely make a mark. I'm a definitely support him. I met him a couple times and he's a cool dude. So, I'm a do what I can to help him out. Hopefully he can just stand on his own two feet and blow up like his daddy did.

T: What's the likelihood of you consistently dropping albums again?
IC: That's definitely in the plan. I plan on dropping a lot in the next couple years, staying consistent and not doing one record at a time. That's why it's so good to be on my own label. I ain't gotta really worry about - this record you get this advance to start this record. I can just go and do it how I feel it and keep it moving.

T: Maybe drop us a tidbit about an upcoming movie you're going to be in?
IC: None. I'm just doing music right now. Don't nothing in the world exist but Laught Now, Cry Later. So, that's the tip I'm on.

Ice Cube's Top 5 Current West Coast Rappers
1. Ice Cube
2. Snoop Dogg
3. The Game
4. E-40
5. Too Short

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