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Interview: Two Five (50 Cent's cousin)
Friday, July 14, 2006

Thick: At point did you decide you wanted to rap?
Two Five: When you take two options and weigh 'em, you'll see it, like the average person that goes to work only comes home with $50,000 at the end of the year. Meanwhile, I watched my older cousin come through with $100,000 watch, $125,000 chain and he's doin' rap, puttin' words together. So, I figured that'd probably be the better move for me 'cause nobody wants to be stuck doin' what they don't like doin'.

T: 50 Cent got his name from a hood legend. Did he give himself that name, and did your name come from his?
TF: My name came from him, he took the name from a gangsta from Fort Greene, he was stick-up kid and his name was 50 Cent. He took that name a used that to his benefit. My name was given to me through his situation because I was the younger cousin and everybody thought we were brothers, so they would say, there go 25 Cent. So, when I approached this rap business I said, okay, how do I make a name for myself and stick out from five-hundred-million other people that rappin'. I just kept the name Two Five.

T: Did Fiddy give himself the name though?
TF: He gave that to himself.

T: Who you working with in terms of production or otherwise?
TF: I'm working a lot on the production end with a lot of different people. My main work so far has been with a guy named John Brolick and a guy named Ike Lee. I work with Focus. And honestly, if they're not doin' it, I'll do it myself. I try to keep the people I work with down to a minimum 'cause I'm not trying to divide my check with 150 other people.

T: 50 said he doesn't want you rappin' because of his enemies, do you consider his enemies your enemies?
TF: At the end of the day, if that's your family, you're gonna ride with 'em. Like in highschool when your cousin got into a fight, you got into a fight. So, at the end of the day I'm goin' with my cousin. I ain't going to sit up here and act like his beef ain't real, it is. It's not something I want to take on but because that's my cousin I got stand on my own two and hold him down.

T: How soon can we expect an actual album?
TF: I'm working on a DVD that should be dropping real soon. I'm wrapping it up as we speak. I'm working on that and I'm going to put some music with it.

T: You finding yourself black-balled at all?
TF: I don't know if I am or not, I'm just working hard. I work harder than the regular artist because my situation is different than the regular artist.

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