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Interview: Mayday
Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Thick: Give us a lil' history.
Plex: Well, actually we've known each other for a while. We got together three or four years ago and put together a song called Quicksand. And just basically, put it out on the scene, and it caught a lot of buzz and got us signed.
MC Bernbiz: We've known each other since we were almost kids. I had a big place I had to rent out, he had equipment, I had equipment...he ended up moving in. He brought his shit, and after hanging out for a while, we started vibin' out and shit. That's how the whole project really came together.

T: Miami has got the attention of the whole industry right now. And since you're not following the formula that's popular, how does Miami perceive yall and your success?
MCB: I think that represents our struggle in general. The fact that we do the kind of music we do coming out of Miami in the first place is an odd fit. But we were able to get love amongst the southern cats and that genre. Nobody really disrespected us; as long as you have skills, they pretty much gave you love. And the rest, we were privy to some pretty good fuckin' timing. I mean with the Cee-Lo shit, with all the shit we been doing, none of that was planned, it was just good timing. Like you said the industry is looking at Miami, and it was all just by the stroke of luck.

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