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Interview: Baby Dayliner
Thursday, September 7, 2006

T: You tend to use current slang in what seem to be ballads, talk about that.
BD: Early on in my song-writing I had a certain desire to be a little too verbose. Then I kinda settled into a certain play with common terms and more cliché terms but try to manipulate them in order to not be cliché. You're always kinda playing with a cliché but trying to avoid it at the same time. I always think that the groups in the '50s that started doing rock & roll were all borrowing from this sort of music that developed underground. And it's kinda the same sort of thing, I think you can fuse lingoes from different genres and make it work.

T: Where does the name come from?
BD: The name comes from the back of a Big Daddy Kane record. It's Big Daddy Kane's code name. When I was first starting to toy around with song-writing I was looking for a name and I just happened to be looking at the back of his record, Long Live the Kane I think. There it was. It seemed appropriate for me; it's a small boat and I perform alone, and I do pretty much everything myself.

T: So, what's a Baby Dayliner show comprised of?
BD: It's basically a karaoke performance. I sing over stuff that's pre-recorded, not unlike a rap performance.

T: You ever gonna have other musicians on stage?
BD: I'm toying with the idea but it's not really fully realised yet.

T: What were your Hip-Hop influences?
BD: Well, growing up I listened to Big Daddy Kane, Brand Nubian, Public Enemy, Ultramagnetic MCs, Jungle Brothers, Nas' first album...Jay-Z's library, Dr. Octagon, Aesop Rock, Blockhead, I listen to the Jux stuff, El-P, Company Flow, Common's Resurrection, that was a big album for me.

T: What do you think of El-P's hairdo on the cover of Elemental? It looks pretty Baby Dayliner to me.
BD: I didn't necessarily think that but I guess he wanted to go for a different style or something.

T: Isn't that the same hair style you rock?
BD: I do more of a '50s kinda pompadour thing, especially when I'm on stage. I didn't think that he necessarily had a pompadour, it was more of a snaky piece of hair coming over his forehead or something.

T: What is the connection with Aesop Rock?
BD: We've been friends for a long time and fans of each others' music. He and Blockhead are how I came to know the Jux guys, El-P, Smash Bros., Lif and all those dudes.

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