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Interview: Obie Trice
Monday, September 11, 2006

T: What should be checked for first on the new CD?
OT: I would say start from the intro. Wake Up is a song I made after Proof passed and Violent is a song I made after I was shot New Year’s Eve…that and Cry Now.

T: You wanna speak a few words on Proof?
OT: He was an intelligent dude…a real creative brother. He was a pioneer of Detroit music, man.

T: Talk about Obie before Shady.
OT: I just saved up my chips and put out some independent music like Well Known Asshole and Mr. Trice and underground songs I did myself. I been to NY, and been to LA, and had doors slammed in my face. Eminem was overseas and he heard my song played on a radio station over there and he was trippin’ they was blastin’ a Detroit artist over there so he came back home and he found me and it’s been on and poppin’ ever since.

T: The joint with you, Em, Trick Trick and Big Herk is fire…speak on Herk.
OT: I always wanted to do a song where I leant a hand to a local cat from Detroit that was doin’ music and Big Herk is an artist that I appreciate musically and he’s a dope lyricist with a distinctive voice. I called him up and he came and blessed me with the track. You got Trick Trick on the tail end of it ‘cause he wanted to come say his piece on the album, and Eminem killed it on There They Go, the Detroit boys song.

T: Tell us about the shooting that you walked away from alive.
OT: I was at a club and left and jumped on the highway, and I guess some dudes followed me and just started shooting at my ride and the fouth or fifth bullet struck me in the head. I tried to get away as best as I could. I finally made it to a suburban area and I jumped the curb and fainted, and the lady friend with me jumped out and flagged down police.

T: Did the po ever find out why they came after you?
OT: Ain’t nobody talking. I was hoping to find out by the end of the summer but the authorities ain’t contacted me since the incident and I ain’t heard nothing on the street.

T: Who you got under you coming up?
OT: Cats that I deal with are Shimmy Bango…Trife Life is a crew of dudes I grew up with.

T: You got a Whoo Kid mixtape out huh?
OT: Yeah, the mixtape is cool, man. It’s a good look for me, a lot of people ain’t heard me in a few years. Whoo Kid, that’s my man right there. He set it off the right way, put it all together beautifully.

T: Last words.
OT: Rest in peace to the homie Big Proof.

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