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Interview: Gillie Da Kid
Monday, September 11, 2006

T: Speak on your affiliation with The Clipse and The Neptunes?
G: Well, you know I've knew Pharrell, Pusha and Malice for like...Pharrell was one of the first producers I worked with when I signed to Sauve House. He wasn't really that big then. I did two records with him and I did two records with The Clipse. So, you know I've had a relationship with them for years. Actually, the record that I did with Pharrell that never came out on Sauve House, you know what beat it was? Remember TI’s first record with Beenie Man (starts humming out song)? You know what I'm talkin’ bout?

T: Yeah, I'm Serious.
G: That was my beat that never came out that came from Pharrell. You know, I guess TI must have liked it and he ran with it, but they some good dudes. They keep brown clips, they some real street niggas. They keep it always brown.

T: What's your relationship like with Beanie Sigel?
G: You know me and Beans had our ups and our downs. We had our lil' differences but now we good. Matter of fact I just saw Beans last night in the club and we ready to drop a record together. You can look forward to that. Shout out to Beanie Sigel, Cassidy, Elliot Ness and all the up and comers that coming out of Philly. I'm about to kick the door down and bring the whole East Coast back.

T: Tell us a lil' something about the Gangsta Grillz you got coming out with Drama.
G: Shout out to DJ Drama, he a real nigga, he reached out to me, said he wanted to do a Gangsta Grillz. I just went into the studio and knocked it out and sent it to him, and now it's about to go down. It's about to be heavy. A lot of muthafuckas gonna have to step they game up. A lot of record labels gonna look at they artists and they gonna want some money back ‘cause they gonna feel like they been cheated. I'm trying to step the whole game up. Like when I come with it Imma come with it like how Smalls did it, like Hova do it and how Pac did it. You gotta come with it. My whole purpose is to bring the East Coast rap back. We been off the map for about four or five years with the exception of a few people selling records. But as a whole we been off the map but now it's about to swing back to the East Coast for four or five years, that's all. Then the West Coast can have it again or Down South could even have it back.

T: What kind of production did you have for your Cash Money album?
G: We had the top notch production. You couldn't get no better. We had Jazze Pha, Mannie Fresh. Mannie Fresh alone is a fucking animal. Then they was bringing producers in from Swizz to Pharrell. Then, for example when Mikkey came to Cash Money, Mikkey had a company with Kanye West. So, a lot of them beats that Kanye West has put out that are smash hits, they were Mikkey records. They were records that Mikkey got a deal off with Cash Money that never came out. Like the (Kanye) record with Monica, that was Mikkey's record. A beat that Jay-Z had...I can't quite remember the song but it was Mikkey's record. A beat that Beanie Sigel had on his album that Jay-Z was on, that was Mikkey's record. So, it's not like the nigga didn't have hot shit. It's just that Stunna was so selfish and so concerned with trying to be the top artist himself that he let everything slip through his hands. Every time you hand in a hot single he want to be on it. C'mon man, you non-rapping bitch. Then a nigga gotta write your part. Get the fuck outta here. Like a nigga can't turn in a hot single without him trying to be on anything with any kind of video potential. But you don't have top nigga talent. You know don't have that talent, your dumb as a fucking brick, you don't have no vocabulary. You didn't even know the difference between a myth and fact, man. You just not that nigga. You need to sit back and understand that whether or not you ever touch the screen. If I sell two million copies, Wayne sell a million copies, Mikkey sell two million copies, Juvenile sells two million copies, at the end of the day you’re still the fucking boss man and that's all that matters. But that just don't get into his head. He's more concerned with the shine and showing off his ice. Like for example, what person at that stature still wear as much ice as B? Like once you get to a certain stature you put that down. That shit becomes old to you. Once you reach $50 million you don't got nothing to prove no more. Now you at boss status like a Jay-Z, like a Puffy, it's gotta be a rare occasion for you to see them with all that shit on. But Baby's insecure, that's his main thing. His insecurities, that's what’s fucking killing him. That's what killed the whole Cash Money label. I mean the nigga could have had Kanye West. Kanye came through there before he signed with the ROC. He could have had him. TI was coming around showing niggas love. He working in this studio, we working in this studio. I don't even think he had his situation in pocket yet. He could have slid TI some money and got him. But he was watching all this talent around him surface and leave because of his own insecurities. Really Wayne wanted to leave. He owes Wayne seventeen fucking million dollars. (He) treat Wayne like a hoe. Oh, I owe you $17 million? Here you go, Imma shoot you four and give you a title. Now you the president of Cash Money. Like the nigga Wayne is, he took it. That's the difference between Lil' Wayne and Juvenile. Juvenile says, fuck you, I'm taking you to court, give me all mines. Same as BG, fuck you, give me mines. Anybody that was ever around Cash Money left, man. I could name ten niggas man. When I first came around Cash Money they was four tour buses deep. Now, Slim and him on the same fucking bus with like four other people. They struggling over there. Their shit coming to an end.

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