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Interview: DJ Warrior & DJ Strong [DJ Series]
Monday, November 27, 2006

T: Working with any Southern artists?
S: We’ve always tried to do stuff with Paul Wall and we always looking out for other artists. I’ve done Murphy Lee’s mixtapes, Warrior did Bun B’s joint...working with Gillie The Kid.
W: We did Southwest Trill. Basically, a CD with South and West artists together.

T: Yall put out a gang of mixtapes weekly. Hit me off with what’s hot right now.
S: We’ll as of late summer ’06 we dropped Got Mixtapes Vol. 4, Irrelevant's Best you Never Heard, I hosted that with San Quinn and DJ Destro mixed it. We just did Cali Untouchable Radio 12 hosted by Daz, that’s the official Dogg Pound joint. We did one with DJ Romeo from the Bay, Bay Flavor 5 hosted by Dem Hoodstarz. That all came out in a two week span. We working on J.T. The Bigga Figga’s first ever mixtape. We got two other big West Coast artists we got tapes comin' out with. I got a blends mix with Akil from J5 comin', he hosted that for me. Last month we came out with Lil' Tone out of Vegas, I did that one. He’s a young emcee whose talent is immeasurable. He just got locked up but once he gets out we’re gonna get him and he’ll hopefully be a part of the label deal. As far as like a real street rapper being from Vegas and blowing up Vegas, he’s top rung. We’ll be able to push him real far. We did Ice Cube’s official mixtape. We put out eight mixtapes last month.

T: What’s comin?
S: Streetwise Mixtape, we’re gonna be doin' the J.T. The Bigga Figga one, then I got this project Kurupt’s hosting, this artist outta Philly called Tangled Thoughts. We got something with Lil' E in the works...Too Short, still working that out. We’re all managed by Jimmy, you know Czar Squad, so hopefully we’ll be doing some stuff with Game.

T: Last words?
S: Check and Big shouts to Czar Squad. Hip-Hop West is a movement, it’s a whole lifestyle. How many DJs you know who put out like eight to ten mixtapes a month from the West and they’re credible? I mean good music? How many DJs you know have a retail store, a retail clothing store, and working on radio too? We built the mixtape scene here and strengthened it. Our artists gonna be the future.
W: Shouts to Thick Magazine for supporting from day one and bugging us for mixtapes. Thanks to all the rest of the Cali Untouchable DJs, Hip Hop West staff, and to all the haters, keep hating us 'cause we only getting stronger. We get motivated by your hateration.

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