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Interview: Sway (UK)
Wednesday, October 25, 2006

T: We caught you on Run the Road 2, tell us about that.
S: When I was in New York last year I saw Run the Road Volume 1, and I was thinking, this compilation got all the way here. So, when I got a phone call to be a part of it, I was bang on it, man. It's a good record label putting it out. It's kind of like a breeding ground; a lot of the big artists come off of that compilation. Dizzee was on the first one, you got Crazy Pitch, you had a lot of guys that were doing things in the UK. It was the same reflection for the second one, most of the people on the second one, ie: myself, are the people who are really in the limelight right now in the UK. That along with the Westwood compilations, along with the DJ Semtex mixtapes, will let you know what's really going on in the UK.

T: Do you consider yourself a Hip-Hop emcee or a grime emcee?
S: I don't like puttin' no labels on myself, man. If I was to have to put a label on myself in a life threatening situation it would be Hip-Hop, straight, and I wouldn't hesitate in saying it.

T: Does it worry you that you have the same name as prominent figure in North American Hip-Hop?
S: I use to when I was alil' kid, when I first started rappin'. Perhaps when I was like fourteen, fifteen. And I started finding out more about real Hip-Hop, as opposed to commercial Hip-Hop that I'd see on the TV. I started doing my own research and finding new artists. Sway's name came up a lot. He was in interviews, he had mixtapes out with King Tech... I put my real name on top of my stage name and I made it Sway Dasafo but everybody kept on saying it wrong. So, I just shortened it back to Sway, I'm happy with it. I met this American guy in France, Beni B from ABB Records, he came up to me and was like, your name's Sway and my boy's name is Sway and he's in Hip-Hop, so you have to represent the name. I had to break it down to him like this, you can't represent a name, everyone's an individual; everyone called Jason in the world doesn't have to represent for every Jason in the world, you understand what I mean? Although I've got a lot of respect and love, and admiration for the Sway in America, I'm not doing what he's doing. I'm not a mixtape DJ, I don't interview people; he does his thing and I'm about to do mine. I'm not worried at all. I don't got no qualms about having a similar name as someone else in a similar field.

T: When you say 'dcypha' in songs does it refer to Dasafo?
S: Nah, I get that a lot. I get a lot of people calling me Sway Dcypha. I get a lot of people saying, Dasafo, the way I say Dcypha. It's just a coincidence. But Dcypha is just to decode something.

T: What is Dcypha?
S: That's my crew. That's my everything, man. My people are involved in that, cousins, family.

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