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Interview: DJ Green Lantern [DJ Series]
Thursday, November 30, 2006

T: I heard you got some big collabs in the works. Let the people know.
GL: I'm doing a joint with DJ Khaled, who basically is the king of Miami. He's got his album out in the store right now. Me and DJ Khaled are hosting and putting together the tape of Lil' Wayne and Juelz Santana. Then I got another joint coming out with me and Busta Rhymes. Then I got a joint with me and Akon, that's called Convicted. It's featuring all his artists and it's me going to get features with a bunch of dudes I fuck with. I'm making like twenty new original beats for that one. He just gave me a gang of acapellas and said, go crazy. So, I'm going crazy right now. I got a whole other venture which I feel like I can talk about at this point. The paperwork ain't signed yet but we're in the process of it. I'm forming a company with a pro-skateboarder by the name of Stevie Williams. I don't know if your familiar with Stevie Williams but...

T: We just had him in the magazine two issues ago.
GL: His company, his brand is DGK and my brand is Invasion. We're starting a separate company called DGK Invasion. I'm very excited about that because the possibilities for cross marketing is limitless and endless. It's a natural thing because our crowds often overlap but no one has really ever honed in on the skateboard/Hip-Hop market to the point where you have credible brands coming together to be able to provide service, merchandise and tours. We working on so much stuff right now it's crazy. And...I have a cartoon coming out. Which is another crazy venture of mine. Right now, tentitively it's titled Me & My Homies. It's like animated Entourage meets the Simpsons at The Boondocks. The first episode should be ready in about a month. But you can go to my Myspace page ( and check out the animated character that's up on there.

T: What song got you excited right now?
GL: A song that's got me excited right now is a song I did for Busta Rhymes' album. It was gonna be for my album but he just wanted it so bad that we worked out a deal where it's on his album. I might do a remix for it and put it on my album. It's a song that features Rick James. It's called In The Ghetto. I don't know if you heard his album but Busta's album is really incredible. The feedback I'm getting is that it's stand out record on an incredible album. So, I'm really blessed to be apart of that. You know Dr. Dre came in and did additional production on the song. He added a horn section and came in and mixed it. Just to be apart of that is a blessing, it's just crazy. I'm just getting so much love off this one record.

T: Yeah, that Busta record is hot! Also, we heard that you were doing a mixtape with Immortal Technique.
GL: That's a whole 'nother joint. Me and Immortal Technique are doing a whole mixtape project together and that's gonna be so retarded. Like we had a meeting the other day and he was playing me song concepts and shit. I gave him a few beats to work on. We really just got started on it but the concepts (laughs) that he's coming up with for this damn shit is through the roof...crazy!

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