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Interview: Too $hort
Wednesday, January 24, 2007

T: Are you still living in Atlanta?

T$: I have a house in Atlanta, I also have a residence in Los Angeles. I pretty much just go back and forth. I spend a lot of time in the Bay Area; I'm in the Bay right now. I spend a lot of time in Vegas and Phoenix also.

T: Hyphy is young peoples' music, yet E-40 was the one who broke it nationally and now you are heavily involved. Did yall plan to forward the movement?

T$: Know that the involvment of Too $hort and E-40 in the Hyphy movement was premeditated. We had telephone coversations that said, the Bay Area is on to something new. We talked about how we didn't feel that anybody in the Bay would be able to break it nationally without our help. Not that they needed us to be national artists, but they needed us to grab a national audience for them. As the big brothers, the uncles, the ambassador and the godfather, that's exactly what we did. We presented the Hyphy to the world. We just said, do you want it. 40 said, let me give you a diagram of the Hyphy, that's the song Tell Me When To Go. He put the #1 Hyphy artist on that song with him, Keak the Sneak. So, my involvment was not so much to say, let me give you a diagram of it; my involvment was, I'ma give you a hella Hyphy song, Blow the Whistle. But at the same time, every interview I do I'm gonna explain to the world what it is, how long it's been around, who's involved with it, what's going on... I'm just gonna give you lil' inputs on what Hyphy is. I'm gonna do more interviews than Keak the Sneak. So, I'm sitting here saying, let me help Keak the Sneak sell his product. He's from East Oakland just like me, let me give him a stepping stone to step up on and give him a bigger platform. So, when he does emerge into new areas they go, damn, I heard E-40's song that he was on and then I heard Too $hort talk about him, he must be the shit. That's what we're doin'. I'm personally in the trenches. I'm probably gonna go to the studio tonight and do a Hyphy song with a local artist, and I'm not gonna charge them a lot of money 'cause I'm trying to help them get out there. I've done dozens of songs around the Bay that are potentially gonna be Hyphy hits. I'm just supporting it because these are the kids of friends of mines, these are the little brothers of friends of mine, and they're like little kids that grew up on me. Anybody that's under 25 is saying, $hort, I've been rolling with you since birth, if they from the Bay. They like, I was born in a Too $hort world.

T: Who you recording with tonight?

T$: I'm probably going to do a song with one of the homies that was in my video, Blow the Whistle, his name is Caprice. Mistah FAB, I've probably recorded ten songs since I met him, and I just met FAB last year. I got the young guys The Pack, with the Vans song. A year after I met them, I went and got them a deal. I signed them to my production company and I went and got them a deal. The only reason why I hooked them up is because they write their own rhymes, they make their own beats, they got their own studio, and the shit is hot without anybody having to tell them what to do.

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