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Interview: Boss Playas
Friday, February 2, 2007

Thick: I've heard conflicting rumours of where yall from. Clear that up for us.
Sonny Santino: I'm from Long Island, New York, from South Hampton. I wound up in Buffalo, New York where I met my brother.
Nomadik: I'm from Memphis. I got dropped off the boat in Buffalo too, and me and Sonny been doin' it ever since.

T: What's the deal? Yall signed to J. Records but they're testing the waters on RED?
N: Real talk, man. As far as the J situation, when we met with Peter Reg, we were in Clyde's office three days later...
SS: Two, two days later.
N: As far as looking at it from a perspective that our music was good enough to warrant that kind of attention, but still the fact in the Hip-Hop world (is) don't nobody know you if you ain't coming up on somebody's nutsack. It don't seem right. So, I guess the whole plan was to let people get familiar with us because for some reason people think that no matter whether you got good music or not, if people don't know you, they not gon' like you. We could have been had this music out because we got so much music.

T: Buffalo hasn't made an impact on the Hip-Hop map, what kind of music scene does Buffalo have?
SS: Buffalo is the home of the funk, that's where Rick James is from. A lot of people may not know that Brian McKnight is from Buffalo. Like you said, Hip-Hop hasn't been touched, so we gon' be the first to do that.
N: Yeah, Buffalo...
SS: Shoot, there's more than that though, right? Goo Goo Dolls, Ani Defranco...
N: Buffalo has a rich musical history and it's ongoing. That's the point, we make music, man. That's what we do. For us to say that we just make one genre or one style of music then we would be lying to you. We coming from a musical town, just look at it like that.

T: Are yall familiar with the Money Boss Playas?
SS: I think I heard something about them. I think that was a collage of a couple different solo acts or somethin'.

T: Who's producing for yall?
N: We produce all the music. We got a crew of folk we work with, Cochise, K-Bug, Loki...
SS: Karlyle and Mayhem...
N: Shottie, Redhead Kingpin. We collab with some folks but we produce and engineer all the music, all the music was produced in our studio.

T: You did something with Redhead Kingpin?
SS: Redhead Kingpin, fa sho, that's our man.
N: That's our folk right there.

T: Didn't you do something with Organized Noise too?
N: We been in the Dungeon, yeah.
SS: With the whole Dungeon Family, Rico, Sleepy Brown and Ray.

Boss Playas Top 5 Artists Outta Memphis, TN
1. Isaac Hayes
2. Al Green
3. Justin Timberlake
4. 8Ball & MJG
5. Bar-Kays

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