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Interview: Gino Green (owner of Gino Green Global)
Thursday, February 1, 2007

T: Seems like you've been pretty select about who has been sporting the gear so far.
GG: Each piece that you see today is all custom made garments, meaning that I touch each individual piece. After I'd make the piece, I'd make a contact whether it was in the Hip-Hop community, or whether they were athletes, or they were actors, or comedians on TV, or actually on the air waves of New York City. I would make the garment, reach out to them, and then I would actually bring it to them. Then it grew to such a big demand, people started reaching out to us. And the marketing we do have, we have a gentleman named Mata, and he has relationships inside the industry. He's one of the people who has got it on people like 50 Cent, Lloyd Banks, Tego... He has great relationships with them, personal relationships. They've done it all out of respect, and seen how we've grown and loved our work. So, we've worked hand in hand with some of the biggest people in the industry.

T: What are some of the earlier pieces and who were they for? I know Papoose was an early adopter.
GG: Papoose was one of them, Remy Martin, Maino, the Franchize Boyz. What I actually did was before I gave them to the rappers, seeing as how I live in New York City, all the big key players that have a certain type of lifestyle that they live inside the streets, 'cause this is street wear clothing, I would reach out to them. They would drive a certain type of car, live a certain type of lifestyle, they would be real strong. So, I would make sure certain people in the community that would make a difference would be wearing my clothes. So, I started out selling clothes in the streets basically, and then it grew when people would see well respected individuals wearing it. I would constantly reach out to people and ask them what type of looks do they like, what types of colours do they like, and I would just cater to these people and build relationships with them.

T: The trademark triple 'G', which everybody mistakes for 9's, will that still be the look for the rest of the line you're working on?
GG: Definitely, we're all about that lower case 'G', and we're all about a very colourful line. We're going to bring it to you in so many forms. We have a great graphic artist that works for us. That was one of the major concepts is that I created a logo that was '999' but you can't trademark a number. So, the company was named Gino Green Global but I wanted my logo to be three numbers, it's something symbolic because I know clothing lines like Polo did 67 and so forth. I went back to the days of Louis Vitton, Gucci and those lines that ruled by the logo. After watching TV, I realised they block out your name, the actual name, whether it says Sean John, Phat Farm or whatever the case may be. So, if an artist is on the air wearing your garment, they'll block it out. So, when it comes to a logo and it's placed all over the garment, they allow it to be seen. I studied that process and figured I would go back to the day when logo ruled and it wasn't about the name. So, even though everybody is aware of who Gino Green Global is, I created the logo for you to be like, what is that. The question itself created a great buzz for us.

T: I know when we interviewed Papoose and got his Top 5 Clothing Brands, you were definitely in there.
GG: We have a great relationship. I actually just got off the phone with him. I just left Remy Martin's. I let her wear something for an awards show. Brucie B., an old school DJ from outta the Bronx, will be wearing something for that as well. I believe you'll see Xzibit wearing something that I created as well. I'm constantly out there.

T: What are you expecting to have in the rest line?
GG: Our denim side is gonna be so crazy. We have such a good denim look. We have different types of washes. We have three different types of shades. We have a lot of beautiful leathers that are gonna be coming your way, we have leather sweat hoods that are coming your way. We're gonna be doing a little of everything. We're gonna be doing track jackets. We have a full line ready for the world. Another thing I want to emphasize is that we are the first company to be called 'Global' as far as clothing. We were Gino Green Apparel at one time, we were Gino Green Clothing, and I felt like we needed to be something bigger...have a bigger impact on people. It's all about the global thing, for everybody to enjoy this clothing line.

T: What is making Gino Green Global so popular?
GG: It's hard work, it's strategy, it's about the logo, and it's about the different types of colours we've brought back to the fashion world. You have to remember that a lot of people (clothing lines) have dulled down their look. A lot of people were going earth tones, a lot of people were tightening up their clothes. I brought it a little bit back. I'm not loosening it up to the way FUBU used to, but I'm gonna give you a looser cut, not such a Euro cut. I'm gonna give you back a decent cut, a lot of bright colours, and a lot of heavier garments so that they stand stronger and last longer, so people can appreciate their purchased.

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