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Interview: Poizunus
Sunday, February 4, 2007

Thick: When did you start beatboxing or just making sounds?
Poizunus: I'd say the first time I started making sounds I was real young, probably grade two or something. One of my friends he used to be able to make sound effects like car noises and loud pop noises like (does loud popping noise) in peoples' ears. I was playing around when I was younger and didn't take it seriously. It came from wanting to hear music. I just started beatboxing, like my very first snare was like (does an example). That kind of comes from your nostrils. I didn't even know what I was doing was called beatboxing. When I got to highschool this girl was doing a presentation and she was like, can you do a beatbox for me. I was like, beatbox? She's like, you know and started doing noises and I was like, okay, yeah, I can beatbox. That's when I realized what beatboxing was. What actually got me into doing it more was when I heard Rahzel doing the instrumental to Only You. Once I heard him beatboxing and talking at the same time I was like, wow! I thought I was good. So, that's kind of what got me going from there.

T: What have you done with it so far?
P: I've done a lot of shows locally in Toronto and other towns like London (Ont.), Barrie, Brampton, Hamiltion and places like that. I started getting more into the battle scene I'd say like two years ago. I flew out to Germany last year for the World Championships and I placed top 4 in the world. A month or two later I got the opportunity to go out to the UK and do a tour. Me and my buddy Each from California went out and did five dates. It was a really good experience. I've done a few commercials for Much Vibes. I went out to the Beatbox Conference that actually went down in New York in 2004. There was about a hundred beatboxers doing they thing on stage. It was really dope to be in that environment and seeing so many people who are involved in the artform.

T: Have you done any recording?
P: I've done some recording for local artists here. I'm not too sure if you know Drunken Fists. I did a few things for this mixtape. The guys who run it are from the UK. The Kunta Kinte Concious Clothing Mixtape. The Battle Network Mixtape that's supposed to be finally coming out. Also, the Offishall Badman Bizness mixtape with DJ Chong Wizard.

T: Tell us what your plans are for your EP?
P: The plans for my EP are always changing. But I think I'm set on trying not to do too much. Originally, what I wanted to do was create a story behind it and make it flow properly so everything makes sense and so the audience could understand who I am as a person and an artist. I figure that with it being an EP, it's really short and I might put too many things in there and people would get confused. I figure people don't really need to know who I am because I actually did a special with Much Music that dived into who I am. There's no need to do that on the album since it's going to be out there across Canada. Now, I'm gonna just make music that I really like. It's not just gonna be beatboxing. I'm gonna take all my elements and put it into a sampler or mixer or whatever and make music. So, people actually wanna hear it more than once. I'm gonna make it shorter like four or five songs and give people an idea of how beatboxing can be used.

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