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Interview: Cherish
Saturday, December 2, 2006

Thick: So, how did you girls come together as a group?

Cherish: Well first off were all sisters and we've been singing since we were seven, nine and eleven. So, we been doing it ever since we were little girls.

T: When did you sign your first record deal?

C: I'd say our first record deal was in 2003. After being with them for like a year and a half we decided we wanted to part ways and then we signed to Capitol.

T: Who do you have producing on your new album?

C: Actually we signed to Sho Nuff through Capital records which is Jazze Pha's label. So, he produced a lot of songs on the album. We worked with Don Vito, Jasper, Adonis and a variety of great producers and the album is in stores now.

T: What's it been like working with Jazze Pha? I'm sure he's taught you a lot in the studio.

C: Oh yeah, definitely, Jazze is very experienced in the music industry. So, being with him we got to learn a lot of different things and different forms of music because he does music for everybody. So, it's been a blessed experience working with Jazze Pha.

T: Do It To It has been huge for yall. What's the next single?

C: The second single is titled Unappreciated. Actually that's the name of our album. It's a beautiful song. Anybody can really feel unappericated. So, we thought it was a good message.

T: What do you wanna let the fans know about your debut album Unappreciated?

C: The good thing about the Unappreciated album is that it's a variety of songs. Songs for kids eight and up to thirty five to fifty years old. So, definitely a variety and it's very soulful album. Were all singing and we wrote every single song on the album. So, it's definitely personal and we wrote the songs off of personal experience or somebody else's experiences that's close to us. So, definitely it's a beautiful album.

T: Which song is your favourite off the album and why?

C: My favourite song on the Unappreciated album is titled Moment In Time. It's basically just about missing someone when you on the road. We actually wrote that based on personal experience also because being on the road you don't really get a chance to have a relationship or have a personal life.

T: So, I guess you probably on tour right now?

C: Yes were actually on the Up Close and Personal tour with Chris Brown and Ne-Yo right now.

T: Do you have any artists you really wanna collaborate with?

C: We were raised up on the old school acts like Stylistics and Mariah Carey even though she's recent but we would love to do a song with her or somebody that's been around a long time.

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