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Interview: MC Eiht (West Coast Series)
Tuesday, May 2, 2006

T: Why did CMW come apart and why are yall back together now?
E: We never came apart, it was just that, like I said, being from Compton and coming out at the time when things was happening in the neighbourhoods, a lot of people didn't want to associate themselves with a group called Compton's Most Wanted, just because of the negativity behind the name. So, that was a time where I decided to try and go off on my own and do my solo career. While Chill started doing beats and Slip started his own company and Bam started doing his own thing with his construction company. It was really just a main focus of everybody trying to go out and do what they do after so many years of being lead around on the corporate chain. So, when we finally had the time and the deal was done with CMW and everybody had the opportunity to go work other places, that's what we did...I mean we always stayed in contact. Chill would work on my project or I would work on his or Slip would come in and give a helping hand on something or Bam would get down on a couple verses. So, we always stayed in tune with each other.

T: Tell us about your new album?
E: Affiliated is just trying to be apart of the West Coast movement that's coming out. You know, got a lot of brothers from the West Coast trying to put it down right now. People looking for this real authentic West Coast music and when they look to that, they looking for someone who isn't coming through the Pop masses and trying to appeal to the radio and the girls with the booties and the big chains and Cristal and all that. It was time for me to come back out and I see that the fans and the media was getting tired of all this junk that's coming out. A lot of simplicity in music and it ain't what I'm about. The new record I got together with Chill and my man Raw Steel and Slip and Battlecat and my man Sub Flow. We put together these tracks and I wanted to guide it down that path of how MC Eiht and CMW always take you on that street path. We trying to give you the rules and the lessons of how things go over here on the West Coast. The album is pretty diverse as far as music. We brought in my man Chill rapping, Jazz, my man Gangsta Love from the Road Dogs, Jayo Felony came in and lent a sixteen. So, I think it will please all the people who are used to my type of music. I don't think they'll be disappointed.

T: We heard that you and DJ Quik squashed the beef and were possibly going to record a song together.
E: Well, I wouldn't put any money on it but just as long as the beefs are squashed that's what it's all about. We was trying to represent Compton and we two niggas from Compton and we're powerful forces. We got two powerful niggas in the game, it's always gonna be heads bumping but you just got to learn to grow and overcome the bullshit like I said, ‘cause we all trying to represent Compton on a whole. So, we squashed the beef just for the fact of, we didn't want any mishaps blamed on our little confrontations ‘cause there's other peoples on the outside of just me and Quik that's interfered with this game. We didn't want none of the homies getting hurt or nobody getting shot or killed over our little thangs. So, we just squashed the beef ‘cause niggas is grown men.

T: Tell us about the CMW comeback project?
E: The CMW project is called Gangsta Business. It's basically finished, we just trying to add a couple of more tracks just to make it a little more flavourful. That should be out like late summer sometime. As soon as we get it figure out but it's like 90% done. So, that's another lil' thang that I been working on in the cut. Trying to get people prepared for that. ‘Cause a lot of people been requesting authentic Compton's Most Wanted music. So, I'm trying to give them everything they been missing.

T: How did the collab albums with Spice 1 and Brother Lynch come together?
E: We just living on the West Coast. I had already did shit with Spice. So, Spice had turned me on to Brother Lynch and Brother Lynch was a fan. Talking ‘bout, he had admired my music just from all the work I had done and been putting down over the past years. Me and him linked up just as me and Spice was in the studio working on our second project together. Me and Lynch sat down and talked about it. We decided we wanted to do one together too. So, it was done...that's how we put it together. That's why I say, you got to link up with real niggas. That's how you gonna get shit accomplished over here. That's what I'm trying to do. I'm just trying to hook up with all my niggas who real and really trying to support West Coast music.

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