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Interview: Dilated Peoples (West Coast Series)
Saturday, May 20, 2006

T: Yeah, we're in our twelveth year now.
R: Yeah, see how that is? We've been touching Vancouver like that since the spark right there. It's a beautiful thing to see both of us (Dilated and Thick) in the game this long and making it happen. But a lot of that has to do with the fact of our understanding and appreciation of the culture. We're not dick riders, we don't just jump on it and ride it until it pop. We do what we supposed to do, we appreciate it and give back. We're not parasites just feeding and lending infection, we give back too. That's why Thick's here, that's why Dilated is here. It's gon' keep moving forward.
Ev: Peace to Madchild for bringing us out here first.
R: Support Vancouver Hip-Hop, support Canadian Hip-Hop, support world Hip-Hop in general. But definitely if you from Vancouver, if you from the area stop fronting and hating on your people, man. Support it out here. Yall want it, you beg for it on the radio, you mad when it's not in the papers, you mad when it's not on TV. Then, when you get it, you want to front on it. Stop that, tha's nonsense right there. Support Thick, support Swollen, support Dilated, if you notice that's all about growth right there. Everything I just said is about doing big things. It's no accident right there.

T: With everything that went down with Eminem, would you do a track with him right now if he asked?
Ev: Yep, I'd do it.
R: In fact, we cracked a bottle of Congac two years ago with Proof from D12 (ed. note: this is before Proof's passing, RIP) and my man Hex Murda from Detroit...

T: That's the homie.
R: Yeah, that's my dude right there. Blessings to J-Dilla, this whole tour is dedicated to J-Dilla and everybody we lost, but J-Dilla is definitely at the forefront of our minds for sure.

T: The Beat Junkies seem to have dissapated a bit. Do yall still get a chance to come together and have a meeting or a practice session anymore?
B: Lately, personally, I've been doing Dilated. It's pretty much been the story for the last four albums. I've been trying to juggle duties between my crews. It's kind of a story with the Beat Junkies, all of us always have our hands in a couple things. You know, J-Rocc being on Friday Night Flavors with Fantastic 4our, or going out as Madlib's DJ, or Rhettmatic and the Visionaries, or Melo-D with Julio G. It always seems that we all have other things that have stopped us from getting down to doin' a Beat Junkie album or doin' things more focused. But it's something that we've been planning to happen later this year. Me, personally, after this Dilated campaign chills out a little bit I'm definitely gonna get back to some Beat Junkies business for sure. We're alive and well, like Rakaa was saying earlier, we still get up and do our nightlife thing. I still see cats on the hang-out tip at least. Those are regular guys in my personal circle. Your gonna see more and more from the Beat Junkies for sure.

T: Ev, what kind of stuff you producing right now?
Ev: The '20/20' LP is the work I'm most proud of to date. And for the future, Planet Asia and 'The Medicine' LP, I did the whole album. It's my first chance to get to showcase my abilities as producer producing a whole LP. Being that Babu just did Likwit Junkies and Alchemist did '1st Infantry', it was something that was really important to me to do a whole album. Also, myself and Alchemist are doing a project together...and a lot of other good things to come.

T: Babu, any other mixtapes on the way?
B: Like Rakaa said, Expansion Team Sound System 'World On Wheels Vol. 2' is gonna be coming out soon. And definitely your gonna see more stuff from the Beat Junkies, period. Mixtapes and the next instalment of our DVD series 'Private Stash', and hopefully, rather than mixtape, we'll see a Beat Junkies LP sooner than later.
R: Also, we can't forget about this, outta LA there's a crew called Strong Arm Steady, Mitchy Slick, Phil the Ag, my man Krondon who's on '20/20', Xzibit, all dem. We just did a project called 'Dilated Steady' and it's a Dilated Peoples and Strong Arm Steady collaboration. We going to take care of the bills that are due on that but as soon as that's done we gon' send the proceeds to Dilla's family and make sure we do our part in a real practical way. I know the energy and the noise we make for him is appreciated but that don't pay the bills. So, we gon' send some paper over that way. We gon' do what we can do for sure.

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