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Interview: Boot Camp Clik
Tuesday, May 23, 2006

T: Right now, it’s a lot of talent coming out of Brooklyn. But just talk about Brownsville, Bedstuy and Crown Heights and what those areas of Brooklyn mean to Hip-Hop?
Steele: What’s crazy, Brownsville, Riot Heights, and Do or Die, like that’s the epitome of Hip-Hop. Wherever you go this is where the cats was. If you went to the Latin Quarters and they was like, “Brooklyn in the house,” that’s where them cats was from; Brownsville, Bed Stuy and East New York. That’s why Biz Markie said that line on his album, “Brownsville, East New York, Do or Die," he know what time it is. But at the same time it’s like, what we do is what the most high gave us. We are just some individuals that are hungry. We just living off the instincts that we have, individuals that thrive off of just survival and Brooklyn is where you learn that. Just how my PNC said it, "It’s original head or original crook," an original head have to have that business aspect and business savvy to know how to make that buck. And the original crook got to know how to get around that red tape enough to know how we make money, take money money the best way we can to feed our families. And that’s what Brooklyn is all about.

T: Sean Price, you did it real big with 'Monkey Bars'. What’s in the works for you on the solo tip?
Sean Price: I take pride in it. Like when I do my shit. I work on my craft daily. And I think that everybody should take their shit seriously. I love this shit, B. Like when I drop my new album 'Jesus Price Supastar', if you liked 'Monkey Bars', trust me on everything, when you hear 'Jesus Price Supastar'...I went in.

T: So, just to wrap it up any last words for the readers and all of the BCC fans out in Canada?
Steele: This is my personal opinion, for me 'The Last Stand' is monumental in Hip-Hop itself, as well as the whole BCC chronological. So, when you look at that alone and cats in the East don’t even fuck with each other. We are adamant about how we feel and at the same time we saying, we hear what the hood is crying out for, what’s up with that real Hip-Hop shit? Because shit is fucked up right now. We need something different. We need something we can rock to. So, we hear the cries. We are trying to appeal to that, but at the same time letting you know that we are all together. So, when you go to 'The Shining', when you say, "360 degrees back home," it’s like we are trying to continue the cipher we started. Big-up to Kool Herc and Zulu Nation. This is all Hip-Hop. Ya dig?
Buckshot: Canada is one of our favorite productions. So, big-up to Canada. And then Marco Polo is from Canada. So, Canada is another spot on the map, a worldwide connection. Right now, BCC is on a quest to let people know that we are worldwide champions. We are the ones who take it worldwide. We done been there...Japan, we been everywhere. One thing about being in all these different places is, we don’t just travel there, we connect the dots. With producers, emcees and all, linking them all together. We got some heat with us. So big-up to everybody out in Canada showing support.

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