Interview: RZA (Wu Weekend)
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Date Stamp: March 16, 2007

T: Are you gonna do another book or will there be a Wu-Tang Manual Part 2?

R: Yeah, yeah, that's what time it is right there. That's a good question 'cause that's what time it is and that's definitely something that's in effect. We on a mission on that. I'm looking to do that fo' real. So, yes there will be another volume to the manual. The manual is gonna go off for real. I'm greatly honoured by any reader of the Wu-Tang Manual. The book captured a lot. It was a story, a morsel. I've met people that have read it and we kicked it. I'm gonna continue to expound the inspirations I get that better my day or my life or whatever. Whatever benefit it is or even if it's just entertainment, I'm gonna express it and put that out to the world in a way that they can manifest it themselves also. 'Cause sometimes you see a nigga write some shit or do some shit that nobody can do yet. (It's) like, damn, how the fuck did they do that? But, yo, somebody else can do that once they get shown. It's possible to be done but people don't know the path or can't realize where they standing. You might be standing in quicksand but not know 'cause you never felt it. You never had any mental experience of it. If you read about it maybe when you stepped on it you'd be like, oh shit, this shit is quicksand. 'Cause your mind knows without the physical experience. That's what my book is gonna be inspiring to do. That's definitely an important chamber.

T: Each Wu-Tang member that we've spoken to over the last years or so has been unsure about the Wu-Tang album situation. Rae said you and he had talked about a Five Deadly Venoms album with the five nicest emcees in the click.

R: Top nicest emcees in the click? That'd get the other emcees pretty pissed off, wouldn't it? (Laughs)

T: So, what about the new Wu album?

R: In my opinion this Cuban Link album right here ain't just for the Wu, for the Wu and the fans this is a spark right here to what we wanna see happen again. Even if the Wu-Tang go and make an album tomorrow are the media and everybody who's involved with the game ready for it? Maybe, maybe not? Is it real like that? Not just real for the artist but real for the people. If it's real for the people, is it real for the artist. That's a whole 'nother chamber but I know the Cuban Links shit was able to capture the foundation to that. I think Cuban Links will bring it together, not just Wu-Tang 'cause it's chambers in it, naw mean. So, it's gonna be different fuckin' approaches. Cuban Links you gotta go into character. As an emcee or an artist you can just go into character and just zone the fuck out, and just be like that. So, I think the Cuban Link album gonna be a real good spark.

T: Let's talk about RZA the actor? What's next?

R: I'm definitely trying to crack that open. I'm feelin' that feeling. I don't like to talk about acting too much because it's a very egotistic occupation. But you can catch me in a film called American Gangster. They don't even mention my name with that movie 'cause there so many fucking big actors in it. But I'm up in that doing my thing. There's a few things on the table. So, I'm definitely looking forward to it. It helps me pursue my ultimate goal in the film world, which is being a successful director. Somebody that brought it to life; from paper to vision, to box office success, to education and edutainment of the people. Some shit that be sitting around at a store like a Warner Brother classic, like Gone With The Wind, can still watch that shit on a Sunday.

T: The Bobby Digital movie?

R: I'm just sayin'...

T: Is it gonna happen?

R: Yeah, that's definitely gonna happen because some interest is built up on it. I'm on a mission, yo! If I can get it filmed with the lil' style I'm trying to bring to it, good or bad (laughs), hopefully good though, I'ma rock a couple things that's gonna make the Hip-Hop generation be like, yo! But film is a very small fraternity of people; very dedicated and very focused. You don't go and play around and bullshit with these people. These people are serious and focused when it comes to doing that work. You just can't jump into that arena, not going into that mindframe. It takes time to build that shit up. You gotta pay your dues. I'm going through all that shit. Fortunately, I have the success of being a known artist shall we say. So, it gives me a lil' extra benefit but I'm still going through shit like an actor. It's like I gotta work for this shit. I haven't worked this hard in years, put it that way.

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