Interview: Method Man (Wu Weekend)
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Date Stamp: March 17, 2007

Disclaimer: This interview was conducted days before the release of Meth's 4:21: The Day After album. Johnny Blaze was very distracted and really just wanted to gripe.

Thick: You seem to have been a lil' quiet lately, like on mixtapes.

Method Man: Yeah, I ain't on a bunch of mixtapes. I think that mixtape shit is good for what it was back when but now the shit is out of hand.

T: What happened at Def Jam since the last album?

MM: Everybody was leavin' or comin' all new, so my shit got lost in the shuffle. These things happen.

T: Are you still confident in Def Jam with 4:21?

MM: I don't know 'cause I ain't dropped my album yet. So, I can't tell you. I don't know but it's a new regime. When my album drops, we'll see. Do you think they're pushing me correctly right now?

T: I seen your shit advertised more and your on mixtapes more generally than the last album. The single was with Lauryn Hill, it shoulda got a lot more radio play.

MM: Honestly, I had something to do with that because I didn't think it was a good first single for me. I guess the label took it the wrong way. I don't know what it is. Look, I've been in the game eighteen years, I know what it's supposed to look like when a new album drop and it's not looking like that right now.

T: There's a lot of people who were at Def Jam for a long time, and they're complaining about the 'new regime' as you called it...

MM: I mean, come on, put yourself in my shoes right now, brother. No video, no single, album dropping in a week, would you feel comfortable?

T: No. How's your relationship with Jay?

MM: Jay has always been cool with me, personally. I don't know business-wise, like I said, I can't speak on that because they ain't worked my project yet. But so far it's not up to far as Method Man goes. I can't speak about anybody else. Rick Ross sold a shitload of records his first week out. Rick Ross had a video, Rick Ross had a single out there. Maybe Jay should spit on one of my shits, you know. That would have been cool. I would have liked that. Or validated me the same way he did Jeezy. That would have been hot too.

T: How do you feel about the 4:21 project musically?

MM: What can I say? I just want motherfuckas to know I ain't no motherfuckin' act, shit is real. This is how I feed my kids.

T: Talk about the production on 4:21?

MM: Erick and RZA, that's all a nigga need to know and shit. Give it to these sons of bitches and let them deficate all over my fuckin' LP with their bullshit-ass reviews.

T: How about our man Kwame, K1?

MM: People got a problem with that single too. It's too fast, or it's too this, or it's too that. Everybody want to be extra critical of Meth but all these other wack niggas throwin' out wack material every fuckin' day. Niggas runnin' around doin' the Chicken Soup, get the fuck outta dodge.

T: What's happening with the Clan?

MM: No comment. I ain't speaking about the Wu-Tang Clan right now.

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