Interview: Mathematics (Wu Weekend)
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Date Stamp: March 18, 2007

T: Is there anybody you wanted to get on there but it just didn't happen?

M: That's where part two come into play. I covered a lot of ground, a lot of producers, but I'd still like to get Dre of course, DJ Quik, and Battlecat, a lot of them West Coast cats I didn't get a chance to get, a lot of the Chopped & Screwed cats, some Down South producers, even some old school producers like Erick Sermon, the Diggin' In the Crates Crew, Showbiz, Diamond D and 'em. There's a lot cats, a lot of new cats I didn't get too, like 9th Wonder and Scott Storch, females too, like Coco Chanelle, Missy...Timbaland, he's an ill cat too.

T: Speak on the DJ Drama and Don Cannon situation 'cause I know you do mixtapes too.

M: My take on it is like, wow, they actually crackin' down. I see on the news they have a big story, they just broke up a bootleggin' ring. So, I'm like, word? I'm thinking somebody pressed up people's albums, and I look and it's DJ Drama and them. They're mix CDs! You crackin' down on that?! There's a lot more you could crack down on. Come on, I just think it's kinda ridiculous. People can say want they want about the mix CDs, but I don't think that's what's killin' the artists. If anything it's helpin' the artists; every artist is trying to get their songs on a mix CD. If it was killin' the artists, the artists would be happy and thrilled about it, but everybody's like, what's going on? It's crazy.

T: The majors have a lot of sway with the powers that be.

M: The biggest mafia is the government. They got legal extortion. (laughs)

T: Method Man and RZA are both also in this Wu-Tang feature, and both said there was no way the Clan were going to do a new album anytime soon. Any change?

M: When did you speak with them?

T: We spoke with Meth right when his album dropped and RZA when he was working on the Afro Samurai score.

M: Well, everybody's been speaking, and it's pretty much official that we doing this new album. I know RZA's in the studio already working on it. Everybody is with it, so 2007 looks like there is going to be a new Wu album. To my knowledge it's called 8 Diagram Pole.

T: Hasn't there been rumours of that title forever?

M: Yeah, but everything right now is in play. It's a new deal with Steve Rifkind again. Right now everything is a go. I think this is a good time for it anyway because of the music that everybody's bringing to the table, like RZA's Afro Samurai soundtrack, that's crazy, Meth's album people slept on but it was a banger, Ghost been releasing some bangers, Raekwon's Only Built 4 Cuban Linx 2, that's off the hook, you got two great producers right there, RZA and Dre. I got a track on there, so look out for that one. Also, my project, Mathematics presents Wu-Tang Clan & Friends, The Unreleased Album, that's out.

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