Interview: Collie Buddz
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Date Stamp: March 19, 2007

T: Any other reggae artists out Bermuda?

CB: The next biggest artist I can say is Ninja Cutty. I haven't really seen him on a big international level but Ninja Cutty was a big inspiration to me growing up. He's still doin' his thing. There's also Elephant Child.

T: How do you think people are going to react to a white reggae artist?

CB: It's somethin' I'ma just gonna have to make the music speak for itself. I'm not really too worried about the whole racial thing. (I) just got to make the good music that people can vibe to, and I think that the whole race aspect will slowly disappear. But I know there is going to be a lot of marketing involved and a lot of people are going to be saying, him get signed because he's white, but (I) just got to make the good music and shut all the haters up.

T: I heard the remix of Come Around with Busta the other day, how'd that come about?

CB: Busta heard the tune I believe on Hot97, and when he heard it he called the DJ and asked if they had the instrumental. So, they sent him the instrumental and two days later he sent back the tune with the remix on it. It's just crazy for somebody like Busta, who's a huge artist in the industry, for him to hear my track and then spit a verse on it is crazy, it's madness.

T: Tell us a lil' about the album, is it done?

CB: It's about 90% finished. (It's a) self-titled album at the moment, just trying to think of the right name...'cause it's a big thing, first album and what not. Got some big producers, got Black Chiney doin' some production on there, Tony Kelly is executive producing it, Massive B. has some wicked tune on there, Crown and Kah So Real from Firehouse Muzik are the ones who built Come Around, I got Screwface outta Virginia, Curtis Lynch Jr. from the UK, trying to get something with Don Corleone down in Jamaica, we'll see what gwan...and Stephen McGregor is also producing some stuff.

T: You still live in Bermuda or are you in the States?

CB: Still livin' outta a suitcase most of the time but anywhere I go, I go back to Bermuda. That's home...nothing like home.

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