Interview: Chingy
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Date Stamp: March 21, 2007

T: What happened to the crew you had, the Get It Boys?

C: The Get It Boys is still around. The Get It Boys is a click outta St. Louis. It isn't just rappers, it's (also) up front people who represent the group. But I'm still working on that project and you're gonna hear from me and the Get It Boys real soon.

T: Who are the rappers in the Get It Boys?

C: It consists of me, Young Spiffy, he's on my album, my brother OG, my homeboy L. Hollywood, and my lil' cousin Shamus. We the upfront rappers for the Get It Boys.

T: Tell us about the tatoo you got across your neck?

C: The tatoo I got on my neck, 'Daddy's Angels', that represents my two sons. Even when they not with me, I feel like they with me.

T: How did your appearance on Game's Lowrider posse cut come about?

C: I was on Melrose shopping and Game had seen me. He just came in the store and was like: "I want to get you on this track, will you come to the studio?" And I was like, yeah. So, I went right to the studio and laid it down, and next thing you know, he had it out. So, it was cool.

T: And tell us about the cameo you made in Bun B's Draped Up video.

C: Bun B is a friend of mine. So, when he asked me down to support on the video shoot, I had no problem doing that. I just came down and we had fun doin' it.

T: What's the situation with Nelly at this point?

C: It's not a situation, we squashed all that. Everybody's on good terms now.

T: What's the likelihood of the biggest artists in St. Louis getting together for a track?

C: I can't really say because we haven't really talked about that.

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