Interview: The Pack
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Date Stamp: March 22, 2007

T: What do you think about TK calling himself the best black skater out?

P: I'm hella cool with TK that's my partner. If he wants to claim to be the king of the African American skaterboarders then let him do what he wanna do. Everybody else gonna do what they do as well. He's good none the less you know what I'm sayin he real big. I just saw him when we were at ASR down in Southern California. He's a real cool dude so mad props to TK.

T: What about J. Dubbs?

P: He also a skater on the Ice Cream Team. I never really heard of him before I heard of the Ice Cream team but he's real good too. I seen some video footage of him skating and he's good.

T: Let's talk about Vans. Obviously it's a big song, it's been poppin. There's the Mac Dre element that everybody respects. What's up with MTV refusing to play it.

Lil' B: They feel as if the Vans video was a commercial. A commercial for Vans. Which it wasn't. They said they didn't support the Nelly Air Force Ones video and that's why they didn't play that. I don't know why they think it's a commercial. Cause we said we wear Vans and throw away Nikes, wanna get right stop buying them Nikes. I know I said that in my verse not meaning it to be a commercial for Vans. I didn't know nobody in Vans. I was just a rapper who wore Vans.

T: I'm sure it had to do with some kind of business relationships.

LB: Yeah I mean I'm not sure about the business aspect but I just know they wanted some changes made to the video and that happened. So, hopefully MTV you know...

T: Didn't they want yall to change the name or something?

LB: Yeah they just bleeped out the Vans. It's playing on MTV2 and MTV Jams.

T: So, what are they calling it like in the credits?

LB: The songs called Vans. They say it's called Vans. They don't bleep that out.

T: Wow, that's some crack... So, how are things going with Jive? You've got a pretty big hit on your hands. How are they treating you?

LB: I think Jive's doing a real good job. Their pushing you know very effective and everything they said they were gonna do happened in a short amount of time. We got some real good people working for us and trying to help us out. I'm real happy with Jive right now.

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