Interview: GLC (GOOD Music)
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Date Stamp: March 24, 2007

T: Aight, speak on the musical relationship that you two got going.

G: You see the thing is, we got this chemistry. I don't know if he was sitting back thinking about it like, man, this would be cold or this or that. But I never saw it coming. I was recording like a muthafucka when we was on tour. I kept my M-Box with me and I'm recording songs like all the time. A-Trak saw that drive and that hunger back when everyone was saying GLC got potential. Now, after me and A-Trak did that mixtape, muthafuckas be like, when is the album coming out. Like, yes, the potential has finally been fulfilled. A-Trak, what he did was, he just really believed what I was doing. He saw the vision that I needed someone to be like, yo! 'Cause I had the option to do a lot of different things. A lot of times I was probably doing too much. He was like, hey man, just drive slow. We took the best of both worlds. I came in with this Chicago gangsta vernacular and then he hit me with the 5x World Champion DJ skills. He got a crazy ear for music. He just know what's good. It's good 'cause I got the same type of ear growing up with Kanye. I was hearing him make beats since fifteen. I'm really picky, it takes a lot to impress me because that's my best friend. So, A-Trak and I, we kind of like on the same page. With his production skills, he was almost like a coach at the warm-ups telling me where to shoot from and it worked.

T: A song we been bumping real hard up here in Haterville.

G: That beat came from another Chicago producer, this young dude named Mano. He twenty-one years-old, man. My album is full of Chicago production. That's what people don't understand. People would be like, put someobody on from the Chi. I am putting on muthafuckas from the Chi. I think I got like six unknown producers out of Chicago on my album. I'm really trying to build that foundation 'cause I realize that if I can put six guys on then maybe they can put on six guys at some point. Then the other six, then the other six, then we all can grow 'cause I don't want to be the only dude at the table eating. The other people sitting around me watching what's on my plate. They gotta eat h'orderves and I'm eating a four course meal. I got the 'get it' mentality and I wanna see everybody get it, man!

T: Tell us more about those producers you mentioned and more about your new album.

G: Mano did Haterville and another joint for my album called Get Away. I got another artist on the record named Cruna. He a singer on Warner Brothers. He cool as hell...dude out of Nashville. Then I got them joints with Three 6 Mafia, man. I'm super excited about the that, I got two joints with them. One of the joints got leaked and it was a rough that I did in the studio. 'Cause I only had like three hours to come up with two records. I was in there like, okay, there's one...aight, let's go and do the other one. I was trying to knock out as many records as I could. 'Cause I'm in there with legends.

T: How did you connect with Three 6 Mafia?

G: It was at the Power Summit down in the Bahamas. You know about the Power Summit? I know you do, you guys are Thick Magazine. Aight, so check it out. I'm down at the Power Summit. I had to perform at the Sony showcase. When I performed people was in the crowd standing up like they knew me, like they loved the music, they was going crazy. When I got off stage Three 6 told me, you better not finish your album with out us. I said, okay, and the rest was history. I was on tour with Kanye, Fantasia and Keyshia Coles. I had to miss the Atlanta date 'cause I had to stay in Memphis for the whole day and I got to work with Three 6. It was beautiful, man. Then they was like, we gotta get outta here. They was like we got a video to do tomorrow. Juicy J, Paul and Crunchy was like, man, you should come on down. I was like, okay. Me and John Monoply got on the airplane, got down there, we told Kanye what was going on, and he was like, man, I'm coming too. Next thing you know, he was in the Poppin' My Collar video. That just helped my women rate go up.

T: What's up with that singer Cruna? We were showing him love a while back.

G: That's my dog, man. He from Nashville. He a muthafuckin' G. We sit up and we talk that G talk, nah mean? We be speaking in lit. It's a beautiful thing, man. Like we got similar backgrounds so we bonded. I got love for Cruna. He a real dude and he finna fuck the game up. 'Cause the dude got something special on the real. I thank god for bringing a nigga into my life. He got this record that's crazy.

T: Name five things you will only find in Chicago.

G: Harold's Chicken. You gonna find muthafuckas driving, eating that chicken with hot sauce on the steering wheel. You'll find a muthafucka standing at the Dan Ryan express way posted up selling everything from phone cords to chewy candies to sox to face towels at the same time. Standing out there doing that. Also in the summertime you'll have muthafuckas selling bottled water in the middle of a four lane street. I knew a muthafuckin crackhead... you probably find this everywhere but this muthafucka was a fuckin genius. He could do anything electrical. Your TV break take it to Douglas, you need cable holla at Douglas, you need your washing machine fixed holla at Douglas. This man was like a genius he fixed anything but he would spend his money on this shit. Another thing that I seen in Chicago that I ain't seen nowhere else. I seen a muthafuckin crackhead riding a ten speed bike carrying a screen door. Like the old school ones he was carry it under his arm. We got the taste of Chicago, we got Buckingham Palace, we got the Sears Tower, we got the John Hancock building. We got the White Sox. We got that Michael Jordan Legacy man. The Bulls, the dynasty. Six championship rings that's a Chicago thing too. We used to wear shit like buck fifty hats. Imma try to bring those back. A buck fifty hat is a hat that costs a hundred and fifty dollars. That might have like crocodile or snake skin on the brim or then you might see a troll or a clock sitting on top of it. That was a Chicago thing right there. We were really notoriously known for the Pelle Pelle leathers. We got a store in Chicago called The Leaders. It's a black owned business. They sell the hottest clothes. Another thing we really known for is Custom Kings. I said that shit on Drive Slow. " I'm wearing my Custom Kings, I got my Jesus chain, my canaries is gleaming thru my angel wings." Custom Kings you can get whatever you want and they make it raw. Also Fashion Geeks is a new clothing line coming out of Chicago by my man Zo. I shouted it out on three songs I love it that much.

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