Interview: Tech N9ne
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Date Stamp: March 25, 2007

T: Well I know you've done some guest features with Rock groups?

TN: I don't look at Kottonmouth Kings as rock for real. Well maybe they are? I don't know they my Hip-Hop homeboys. They my rocked out Hip-Hop homeboys. You know what I'm sizzlin? When I think of Cottonmouth Kings if that's what their refering to. I don't know I refer to Daddy X, D-Loc, Johnny Rictor, Bobby B, Lou Dog, Pacaleka, Judge and all them to be my Rap homeboys that got Rock influence in they music. But if that's what you mean by Rock then that's cool yeah. They love me and I love them back.

T: Let's also talk about the connection between Kansas City and Bay.

TN: You cannot come to Kansas City and not think that it's the Bay. Kansas City is the Bay Area. You cannot come to a party here and walk in and not see people gettin Hyphy and goin dumb. It's so ironic that Mac Dre died here because the Bay gets so much love in Kansas City. Ask anybody from Killa K to Luni Corlione to Brother Lynch Hung to E-40 to C-Bo to Mac Mall to San Quinn. Kansas City is a Bay Area melting pot man. It's crazy man. When I go to San Jose or I go to a party in Oakland it reminds me of home. Because the Bay has had such an influence and I think it started with E-40. A long time ago when Mr. Flamboyant hit. It just hit real hard here man, harder than a lot of stuff. Ever since they it's just been Bayed out. Niggas is sideshowing down here and everything now man gettin Hyphy! I been apart of the Hyphy movement through Yukmouth. Crazy how Kansas City and the Bay are similar and crazy that Mac Dre had to die to some street shit here because they love him here. Man he's turned all these guys into Thizz Entertainment cats man. They throwing up the T's. I mean you just gotta come here to see it and for him to die here that hurt us. Because the fans were trying to make it into a rivalry like okay. You kill Mac Dre were gonna kill... that's just the fans doin that because the real street niggas around Mac Dre like Dubee and all them. They know what happened and they know it didn't have nothing to do with Tech Nine or nothing like that. That's my Regime family man through Yukmouth and I just wish the fans wouldn't of made the media think that there was Kansas City, Bay Area rivalry. Never will there ever be know what Im sayin the Bay Area is always welcome here in Kansas City. They'll tell you themselves that it's just like walking back into home. When they walk into Kansas City cause everybody's swagger is the same. Yaadadaamean! Everybody is poppin they collars you know E-40 influenced and it's a wonderful thing man.

T: I listened to your new single and there's a line where you say something like "Hyphy that kind of sounds like my style." Speak on that line.

TN: We been crazy for a long time and I've been pretty hype for a long time man but Hyphy just puts the stamp of approval on it. Hyphy that word just sounds like what that's supposed to be and I thank the Bay Area for that, Rick Rock, Keak Da Sneak, E-40, Yukmouth for that they been on my team for the longest. How can I not get bite by the Hyphy bug. The Federation! Everybody Hyphy the south really like me. I got to and even in that same song, third verse I said 40 Water he showed me a lot in this biz for real. You know what I'm sayin giving props to the people who helped me up. Never forget.

T: Give us a lil' run down on all the albums you've done in your career.

TN: The first single or the first thing that ever hit the streets was through Diamond's Pocket. That was called Cloudy Eyed Stroll. Like your eyes are cloudy cause your smoking weed. There was two songs on that. Cloudy Eyed Stroll and on the b-side was Mitch Bayed(?) Mitch Bayed blew the hell up! Mitch Bay... boom, pow, boom you know what I'm sizzlin. So, from that single Diamond put out The Calm Before The Storm. That was my first full length album. Blew up! From Kansas City. Wonderful! Had Planet Rock on it. "Make that ass hop, don't stop, don't stop....planet rock, Mid-West!" It was big know what I'm sayin. After that Diamond put out one called The Worst and shortly after that they put out another one called The Worst 2K. Then after the Worst, I started my own label with Travis called Strange Music and we put out something major, a major album called Anghellic or angel and hell. Good and Bad. After Anghellic we put out Anghellic Reparations because the people who helped us put out Anghellic messed up and ran with our money. So, we put out Anghellic Reparations after we went out there and took it from they ass! You know what I'm sizzlin? Put it back out, put some new songs on it called it Reparations. Like we repairing what you fucked up Jay Core. After that we put out Absolute Power and that was in 2002 my last major release. Now inbetween those four years. I think like in 2004 we put out Vintage Tech. It was like a mixtape like how you hear a mixtape hits the streets. It was just old songs we just put out for our fans. It was an appetizer to get 'em ready this one Ever Ready The Religion. Which hits stores November 7th. Insanity at it's finest. My best work ever out of all those albums. Wooooonnnnnderful!

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