Interview: Sky Balla
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Date Stamp: March 26, 2007

Thick: Why you out in TO?

Sky Balla: 'Cause they love me out here, man. I am a star out here. They love ya boy in T-Dot.

T: Tell everybody where you from?

SB: San Francisco, Killa California, Yay Area, West Side till I die!

T: How come you been a lil' quiet lately on the mixtapes?

SB: I don't know about quiet, man. 'Cause I'm on the last three Big Mike tapes and it really don't get bigger than Big Mike. If you know a mixtape DJ bigger than Big Mike or DJ Whoo Kid or DJ Drama you let me know, man. I don't know, I'm pretty much the only Bay Area cat that DJ Whoo Kid fucks with. DJ Big Mike, DJ Drama them is the biggest mixtape DJs in the streets, you know what I mean. Every other mixtape DJ follows what they do. So, I don't know about being quiet on the mixtape scene. Maybe the Bay Area mixtape scene. But the mixtape scene that counts, East Coast, Atlanta, Down South.

T: Yeah you used to be on a lot of Bay Area mixtapes and your own mixtapes.

SB: We don't want to flood the streets with too much. You gotta give 'em a lil' bit at a time. You gotta keep shit exclusive.

T: You got a lot of stuff out there with Dipset. Speak on that affiliation.

SB: Dipset is my East Coast affiliates. That's the homies, point blank. I fucks with Dipset, hard body.

T: Judging by that cell number you're holdin' down New York now.

SB: Yeah, I'm an international boss, man. I'm everywhere where they're never there. For real, on both coasts, all throughout the country, man...all throughout the world. Any given Sunday, man, I might be on any continent, any island, any block.

T: Speak on the name.

SB: It's real simple. My real name is Sky. I was gettin' a whole lot of money on my block. All the OG homies call me Young Balla. I put that with my first name. Sky Balla that's what you got.

T: What's the deal with your actual project?

SB: The new album I got poppin' right now is finished and done. The title is Every Penny Counts 'cause as a hustler in the streets every penny, every nickel, dime, dollar all adds up at the end of the day. When it's all said and done, it's all about the money and that's what Sky Balla is all about. All about the money, man. That's a Strictly Business/ Empire City collaboration. Strictly Business that's my label and Empire City is the label that I'm dealing with. Right now we're pushing for that major distribution deal. We got a few major labels lookin' at the kid and it's a good look.

T: Talk about the people behind Empire City?

SB: Sickamore, man. Animal Steel put me in contact with Sickamore and it's been on and poppin' ever since.

T: While you out in TO are you working with any artists or producers?

SB: Hell yeah, man, T-Dot. Shout outs to the boy JD Era. My man Belly out in Montreal doing big things. I fucks with Belly real tough.

T: What's the production sound like on the new album? Is it on some West Coast shit?

SB: I never had just one particular sound. That's one thing about Sky Balla, I have a variety of sounds. It's not East Coast, it's not Down South, it's not West. It's all that in one big gumbo pot all mixed up. That's what you got, reality rap, hustler music. It's just me doing me with different producers from different parts of the States, man. Whatever kind of music they come up with, it's crack music, trap music, hustler music. I only deal with block anthems, ghetto anthems.

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