Interview: Ca$his (Shady Records)
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Date Stamp: March 27, 2007

Thick: You go back with a crew called The Renegades, how did it all come together?

Ca$his: My homeboy Rik Inatti was in a crew called DTC, and me, I was a freestyle emcee. I didn't write rap, I freestyled. I told him we should get involved in a crew, so we started our own thing called The Renegades.

T: Being from Chi-town, did you keep that Midwest in you when you moved to Cali?

C: I've always had Midwest in my veins. I moved out to Cali when I was 17, so my whole life has been Chicago. So, it's definitely a part of who I am.

T: How'd you hook up with Eminem?

C: We sent in a mixtape we had, Stars and Stripes, a Renegades joint and the director of A&R at Shady, who knew me, liked it and said I should go solo and my boy Rik Inatti do beats. I did a few solo songs and the first one I did, Em heard it and wigged out and two days later they flew me out and started talking about the deal and put me right into the studio.

T: You're 26 years old, on Shady Records, and you already on a few high profile joints, do you feel the pressure? What's it like being the new dude?

C: It feels good! It's not pressure because I know how highly Em thinks of me. I just try to do my all with every record I do 'cause I don't ever wanna disappoint. By the time the people hear it, it's already been passed and given approval on. So, it ain't like it's pressure. I'm glad to be where I'm at.

T: The Re-Up is out and you all over that.

C: I'm super excited about the Re-Up and Young Buck's album that I'm on too. The Re-Up is insane, when it was just gon' be a mixtape I was happy with that. Now it's a full project and I'm on six records. I have some very important songs on the album. It's a great platform for me and Creek to do our thing. D12 up on there, Em, 50, G Unit, we all out there right now.

T: How tight are you and Bobby Creekwater, how did the forces join?

C: I met up with Creek when I got signed and when I was still in the negotiating stages. We clicked instantly and we both had the same hunger about this music thing. I love what he doin' with his ATL style. I'm from Chi-town and I got that Midwest thang goin' on and we both clicked like on a respect level too. We chop it up over anything, that's my homeboy. Obie is like my big brother though. He was like the first one to sit me down and have a convo with me, and he gave me a lot of guidance. Bizzare, D12, even me and Em, it's all fam. Me and Em, we talk almost everyday. To be respected on a friendship level with Em and them to the point where he can talk to my kids if they out of line, that's fam.

T: How you dealing with your new found fame?

C: With the video for You Don't Know being #1 and all that, it's getting hard in my area 'cause people know me already and its becoming slightly intolerable. Haha, I'm always in the street and I love it 'cause this time last year it wasn't like that. I'm glad they asked ME to be on the record. It coulda gone to anybody, and for them to believe in me and to have me on that song was huge.

T: Is your debut still gon' be called A Talk With Ca$his? When's it coming out?

C: I got an EP coming out in January, it's gon' be a collectors edition CD. I got joints with Em and some produced by Em, and Rik Inatti too. The album is coming out in June. We just putting the finishing touches on it now, over 200 songs recorded. We gon' condense it to 13 songs. Make it a classic! The name of the album is gon' be called Karma. I was never supposed to amount to anything, this is karma for everyone who tried to step on me on the way up the ladder. Its coming back on 'em and they have to watch my success now.

T: Any words for those on the grind hustling?

C: Don't let nobody tell you that was you doin' is wrong. If you feel it in your heart, go for it! Lot of people told me I'm wrong, I need to get a job, gotta go back to school. If you believe in it, it will pay off. I'm a fresh 26 years old, man and if it could happen to me it could happen to you. My music was heard by sending in a demo. And never be jealous of another man's success.

T: You worked with Dre yet?

C: I haven't had a chance to work with him yet but we 'bout to go in there and do some big things. I wanna give a shout out to this publication, Thick Magazine for holding it down. Go get that Re-Up album! Shady Records fo Life!

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