Interview: Beeda Weeda
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Date Stamp: March 29, 2007

Thick: How did you get into it and how did you get signed to Hiero?

Beeda Weeda: Well I got my own music camp called P.T.B. Which stands for Push The Beat productions. I was already working on something underground. Doing something in the neighbourhood. So, I was already working on something and I was pushing it around the streets of Oakland and it got into the hands of somebody and they gave it to Tajai. He heard it and hollered and it was on from there.

T: How do you fit into the hyphy movement?

BW: Basically you know just representing my generation coming from my area Oakland California. Hyphy really come from the streets you know what I mean. It's like a mentality not like a dance or shaking your dreads or gold teeth or nothing like that. It's the way you act, your attitude. So, I'm showing that side of the Hyphy movement.

T: Tell the people what you had to do with E-40's Tell Me When To Go video shoot.

BW: 40 wanted to capture the whole elements of the streets with the sideshow thing. He heard about me. Got my phone number and gave me a call. Said you know wanna help out and I was like fo sho. Cause it's a good look for me and the rest of my music camp. I basically got a lot of the cars and a lot of the spots of where they filmed at. Cause they were like monumental spots for where a lot of people hang out. I got a lot of the dancers, the people.

T: Tell us about your name Beeda Weeda?

BW: It's a neighbourhood name. It's like a hood nickname that was given to me. It came originally from my big brother Peeta Weeda. He a O.G. from my hood, a gangsta. He in a wheel chair you know he got shot by the police but like his whole mentality you wouldn't think that he couldn't walk. I take that whole attitude he got and put it toward this music. So, you know they call me Beeda Weeda, lil bra.


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